Cangzhou Travel Guide

Cangzhou, named after the “Blue Sea” (Cang Hai), was established as a prefecture in the second year of Xiping during the Northern Wei Dynasty (517 AD), giving it a history of 1,493 years. Originally set in Raoyang, now Qiantong Town in Yanshan County, it was known as “Qiantong City” during the Qin Dynasty. It is famously the departure point where Qin Shi Huang sent Xu Fu to seek the elixir of immortality, leading thousands of boys, girls, and skilled craftsmen on this journey, earning it the title of China’s first overseas hometown.

Cangzhou is also known as the “Lion City” due to its possession of the Cangzhou Iron Lion, a national key cultural relic. Cast in the third year of Guangshun during the Later Zhou Dynasty (953 AD), the iron lion weighs 40 tons, making it a significant historical artifact.

Attractions in Cangzhou

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