Lianyungang Travel Guide

Lianyungang, formerly known as Yingzhou in ancient times and Qin’s East Sea during the Qin Dynasty, later named Haizhou during the Northern and Southern Dynasties, derived its name from two prominent geographical features – Lian Island and Yuntai Mountain – when it was established as a port in 1933, combining the characters “连” and “云” to form “Lianyungang.” Today, this city stands as a pivotal port city in eastern China, the cultural birthplace of the renowned Chinese novel “Journey to the West,” the world’s capital of crystal, and a crucial intersection point for the Belt and Road Initiative.

In this city embraced by mountains, sea, port, and urban landscape, the essence lies in slowing down, enjoying the seaside, and exploring its ancient sites. The juxtaposition of modernity and prosperity at the Lianyungang Port, alongside the contentment of fishermen during the fishing season, adds vibrant hues to the city’s dynamic tapestry.

Most Popular Lianyungang Attractions

mount huaguo lianyungang
Mount Huaguo, Lianyungang - Ticket, Opening Hours, Location, and highlights
Mount Huaguo (花果山), also known as the Mountain of Flower and Fruit, is a prominent peak located in the middle section of Yuntai Mountain Range in Lianyungang...
yuntai mountain lianyungang
Yuntai Mountain, Lianyungang - Ticket, Opening Hours, Location, and Highlights
Yuntai Mountain in Lianyungang (连云港云台山), also known as the mythical Eastern Sea Fairy Mountain, extends in a northwest-southeast direction, covering an...
lian island lianyungang
Lian Island, Lianyungang - Ticket, Opening Hours, Location, and Highlights
Formerly known as Yingyou Mountain, Lian Island (连岛, Liandao Island) is the largest sea island in Jiangsu Province, covering an area of 7.6 square kilometers....

Other Attractions in Lianyungang

sanyuan palace lianyungang
Sanyuan Palace, Lianyungang - Location and Highlights
Sanyuan Palace (三元宫), also known as Haining Zen Temple, is a remarkable architectural complex situated halfway up the Hua Guo Mountain in Lianyungang....
haizhou ancient city
Haizhou Ancient City, Lianyungang - Ticket, Opening Hours, Location, and Highlights
Haizhou Ancient City (海州古城) is the origin and starting point of Lianyungang, with a history spanning over 2000 years. Since the Qin and Han dynasties,...
Lianyungang Western Sea Barrier
Lianyungang Western Sea Barrier - Location and Highlights
The Lianyungang Western Sea Barrier (连云港西大堤), also known as “神州第一堤” (The First Barrier on Earth), is a remarkable coastal engineering marvel...
dayi mountain guanyun county
Dayi Mountain, Guanyun - Ticket, Opening Hours, Location, and highlights
Dayi Mountain (大伊山), located at the northwest corner of Guanyun County, Lianyungang City, has a history spanning 2 billion years, encompassing an area...
lianyungang old street 4
Lianyungang Old Street - Ticket, Opening Hours, Location, and Highlights
Lianyungang Old Street (连云港老街), also known as “Lianyun Old Street” or “Lianyun Ancient Town,” is one of the four historical streets...
longhailu pedestrian street
Longhailu Pedestrian Street - Location and Highlights
Longhailu Pedestrian Street (陇海路步行街), located in the Xinpu Central Business District of Lianyungang City, is the largest modern night market pedestrian...
taohuajian scenic area lianyungang
Taohuajian Scenic Area, Lianyungang - Ticket, Opening Hours, Location, and Highlights
The Taohuajian Scenic Area (桃花涧风景区), nestled at the southern foothills of Jinpin Mountain, is a picturesque landscape that comes alive every April with...
yuwan scenic area in lianyungang
Yuwan Scenic Area, Lianyungang - Ticket, Opening hours, Location, and Highlights
Yuwan Scenic Area (渔湾风景区) is nestled at the southern foot of Yuntai Mountain, representing the “water scenery” among the tourist attractions...
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