2-Day Yichang Itinerary: Scenic Beauty of Yichang

2-Day Yichang Itinerary Scenic Beauty of Yichang

Yichang, known as the “throat of Sichuan and Hubei” and the southwestern gateway, offers picturesque scenery with its bridges, flowing waters, and rustic villages, evoking a sense of poetry and painting. The roaring Yangtze River rushes eastward, offering an opportunity to experience the majestic scenery of “cutting through Wushan’s clouds and rain, emerging from the high gorge into the calm lake.” Situated by the river, the city offers boat rides as the most common and pleasant mode of transportation, allowing visitors to explore the area between the mountains and rivers, indulging in the breathtaking views of the Three Gorges and Gezhouba Dam.

Day 1:

Itinerary: Depart from Yichang in the morning and take public transportation to Yemingzhu Stop. Transfer to Bus Route 8, a special line to the Three Gorges Dam, to reach the dam area. Ascend to the viewing point at Tanzi Ridge to overlook the entire Three Gorges Project, stroll amidst the green waters and streams, and immerse yourself in this beautiful paradise. Stand on the 185 Platform to experience the grandeur described in Chairman Mao’s poem. Visit the nearby observation points to get a close-up view of the magnificent dam and ascend to the top to witness the spectacular flood discharge scenes. Visit the Diversion Memorial Park to appreciate the perfect harmony between humans and nature. Return to Yichang city in the afternoon. If time permits, explore Yiling Yangtze River Bridge, Yiling Square, and Children’s Park.

Dining: White Temple Fat Fish (白刹肥鱼), Yiling Spring Rolls (夷陵春卷), Treading Bean Cakes (踏豆饼), Xia Kou Douhua (峡口豆花)

Before departure, enjoy breakfast in downtown Yichang. There are many restaurants in the dam area offering Chinese cuisine, albeit at slightly higher prices. It is recommended to bring your own snacks. For dinner, head to Yiling Square, Xiling First Road, or Pearl Road Pedestrian Street for local specialties.

Accommodation: Return to downtown Yichang for accommodation in the evening. You can stay near Yiling Square, which is centrally located and offers a variety of accommodation options including youth hostels, budget hotels, and star-rated hotels, as well as numerous eateries.

Day 2:

Itinerary: Board a boat at Gezhouba Dam Pier to admire the panoramic view of Gezhouba Dam, the first dam on the Yangtze River. Enjoy the untouched beauty of Xiling Gorge, along with attractions such as Shiwai Taoyuan, Three Tours Cave, and Xianren Creek. Upon arrival at Three Gorges Folk Village, explore attractions like Shadow Stone, Mingyue Bay, Long Jin Creek, and the local customs and traditions.

Dining: Three Tours Immortal Chicken (三游神仙鸡), Xia Kou Pearl Soup (峡口明珠汤), Radish Dumplings (萝卜饺子)

There are local restaurants within the scenic area, offering various dishes including grilled fish. Lunch can be arranged within the scenic area, while dinner can be enjoyed back in downtown Yichang, sampling local specialties.

Accommodation: Accommodation options in downtown Yichang are convenient and reasonably priced. Choose according to your next travel plans.

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