2 Different 2-Day Grassland Itinerary in Hebei

bashang grassland

Itinerary 1: Exploring the Grasslands of Hebei

Day 1: Beijing to Caoyuan Tianlu Begin your two-day grassland adventure by driving from Beijing to the base of the Caoyuan Tianlu, a beautiful scenic road in Hebei. Head to the western side of the route and visit Jiguan Mountain. Stand on the observation deck and marvel at the lush green grasslands under the vast blue sky, surrounded by a tranquil forest. You can also find a horse racing track and go-karting on the mountain for added excitement.

Day 2: Caoyuan Tianlu to Beijing Start your day by visiting the natural oxygen bar at Hupiling and breathe in the fresh air. Afterward, explore the historical military stronghold of Ye Hu Ling Fortress, which offers activities like real-life CS experiences. It’s an adventure worth trying before heading back to Beijing.

Itinerary 2: Discovering the Scenic Hebei Grasslands

Day 1: Beijing to Chengde Kick off your grassland journey with a drive from Beijing to the vast Saihanba National Forest Park. Enjoy the breathtaking views of Moon Lake and explore the Mechanical Forest Farm. Along the way, have fun at the Seven-Star Lake, Taifeng Lake, and Shendongtan, where you can engage in horseback riding and grassland motocross, among other entertainment activities.

Day 2: Chengde to Beijing On your final day, head to Taiyang Lake to witness the sunrise, a beautiful way to conclude your grassland adventure. Afterward, depart for Beijing, cherishing the memories of your unforgettable journey through Hebei’s scenic grasslands.

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