3 Different Detailed Two-Day Itineraries in Chengdu

3 Different Detailed Two-Day Itineraries in Chengdu

Chengdu, located in China’s Sichuan province, is known for its rich culture, delicious cuisine, and beautiful natural scenery. Here are three different-themed two-day itineraries for exploring the city:

Cultural and Historical Chengdu:

Day 1: Ancient Chengdu

  • Wuhou Shrine: Start your day at this historic shrine dedicated to Zhuge Liang, a famous strategist from the Three Kingdoms period. Explore the beautiful gardens and learn about Chinese history.
  • Jinli Ancient Street: After Wuhou Shrine, head to Jinli Ancient Street. This bustling street is lined with traditional architecture, teahouses, souvenir shops, and street food stalls.
  • Sichuan Opera Face Changing Show: In the evening, enjoy a performance of Sichuan Opera’s famous face-changing art at a local theater.

Day 2: Panda and History

Culinary Adventure in Chengdu:

Day 1: Sichuan Cuisine Exploration

  • Sichuan Hotpot: Start your culinary adventure with a Sichuan hotpot experience. Choose from spicy or non-spicy broth and a variety of ingredients to cook at your table.
  • Wide and Narrow Alleys: In the evening, head to Wide and Narrow Alleys to try local street food, including Sichuan snacks like mapo tofu, spicy skewers, and fried rabbit.

Day 2: Sichuan Cooking Class

  • Sichuan Cooking Class: Join a cooking class to learn how to prepare traditional Sichuan dishes like Kung Pao chicken, Dan Dan noodles, and more.
  • Sichuan Opera Teahouse: In the evening, visit a traditional Sichuan teahouse for a cup of tea and a Sichuan face-changing opera performance.

Natural Beauty and Relaxation in Chengdu:

Day 1: Chengdu’s Parks

  • Wangjianglou Park: Start your day with a visit to this beautiful park along the Jinjiang River. It’s known for its bamboo gardens and tranquil atmosphere.
  • Renmin Park: Explore Renmin Park, also known as People’s Park, and take a leisurely boat ride on its serene lake.
  • Sichuan Opera Face Changing Show: End your day with a thrilling Sichuan Opera face-changing performance.

Day 2: Day Trip to Qingcheng Mountain

  • Qingcheng Mountain: Take a day trip to Qingcheng Mountain, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the birthplace of Taoism. Hike the scenic trails, visit ancient temples, and enjoy the peaceful natural surroundings.
  • Dujiangyan Irrigation System: On your way back to Chengdu, stop by the Dujiangyan Irrigation System, an ancient engineering marvel that has been in use for over 2,000 years.

These themed itineraries offer a diverse range of experiences in Chengdu, whether you’re interested in history, food, or nature. Enjoy your visit to this vibrant and culturally rich city!

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