6 things to do in Beihai Park

6 things to do in Beihai Park

Beihai Park is a famous imperial garden located in the heart of Beijing, China. It was built during the 11th century and is considered one of the oldest and best-preserved imperial gardens in the country. The park covers an area of about 68 hectares and includes a large lake, several islands, and many historic buildings and temples. Here are 6 things to do when visiting Beihai Park:

Walk around the lake: Beihai Park is centered around a large lake, and visitors can take a leisurely stroll along the shore. The lake is surrounded by trees, temples, and pavilions, and there are many scenic spots to stop and admire the views.

Visit the White Pagoda: The White Pagoda is a tall, elegant pagoda located on the top of a hill in Beihai Park. Visitors can climb to the top for a panoramic view of the park and the surrounding area. The pagoda is also home to a number of Buddhist statues and artifacts.

Explore the Nine-Dragon Screen: The Nine-Dragon Screen is a colorful and intricate screen made of glazed tiles. It is located near the entrance of Beihai Park and is a great place to take pictures. Visitors can also learn about the history and symbolism of the Nine-Dragon Screen.

Visit the Circular City: The Circular City is a unique and interesting structure located in Beihai Park. It is a circular wall with a gate and is reminiscent of ancient Chinese cities. Visitors can walk around the wall and take pictures.

See the Five-Dragon Pavilions: The Five-Dragon Pavilions are a group of pavilions located on an island in the middle of the lake in Beihai Park. They are named after the five dragons that are said to guard the island. Visitors can take a boat ride to the island and explore the pavilions.

Relax in the gardens: Beihai Park has several beautiful gardens with a variety of flowers, trees, and paths. You can take a stroll in the gardens, find a quiet spot to read a book or enjoy a picnic with friends and family.

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