Beijing Jinyu Badaling Spa Resort – Location and Highlights

Beijing Jinyu Badaling Spa Resort

Beijing Jinyu Badaling Spa Resort (北京金隅八达岭温泉度假村) is located in Yanqing, surrounded by famous tourist attractions such as the Badaling Great Wall, Longqing Gorge, Wild Duck Lake, Guyaju (ancient cliff dwellings), Yudushan Mountain, Shijinglong Ski Resort, and Songshan Primitive Forest Nature Reserve. It is a comprehensive tourism and leisure destination integrating hot spring therapy, business meetings, and recreational activities.

Covering an area of 300 acres, the resort features the tranquil Guisui River flowing through it, with 30,000 square meters of lush green lawns and connected to the 500-acre Jiangshuiquan Wetland Park. Surrounded by mountains and water, the air contains a high concentration of negative oxygen ions, reaching 6800 ions per cubic meter.

The hot spring water originates from 2000 meters underground with a temperature of 54 degrees Celsius. It is rich in fluorine, sulfur, iron, silicon, and other minerals and trace elements beneficial to the human body, offering special health and skincare benefits. The resort boasts a 6000-square-meter hot spring SPA park with 32 indoor and outdoor hot spring pools.

Additionally, the resort provides over twenty different-sized meeting rooms and multifunctional halls equipped with advanced conference facilities including simultaneous interpretation systems, catering to both domestic and international professional conferences. The recreation center offers various leisure activities such as tennis, badminton, table tennis, beach volleyball, real-life CS (combat simulation), KTV, swimming, fishing, ice skating, boating, and more, ensuring a diverse range of entertainment options for guests.

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