Beijing Weather in April – Temperature, Precipitation, and Air Quality

beijing weather in april

Beijing, the capital of China, experiences significant weather changes throughout the year, and April marks the transition from winter to spring. Here’s an overview of the weather in Beijing during April:


Average High Temperature: In April, the average daytime high temperatures in Beijing range from 15°C to 20°C (59°F to 68°F). Average Low Temperature: The nighttime temperatures can drop to 4°C to 10°C (39°F to 50°F).


April is relatively dry compared to the summer months. The city receives very little rainfall during this time, with an average of 10-20 mm of precipitation throughout the month. There may be occasional light rain or drizzle, but it doesn’t usually last for extended periods.


Humidity levels are moderate in April, and the air is generally not as dry as it can be during the winter months. Humidity levels typically range from 40% to 60%.


Beijing experiences increasingly sunny days in April, with an average of 7-8 hours of sunshine per day. This makes it a pleasant time to explore the city and its attractions.


April can bring some breezy days with gusty winds, but they are generally not too strong.


Beijing is known for its air quality issues, but April tends to have better air quality compared to the winter months. It’s a good time to enjoy clearer skies and less pollution.


Given the temperature variations between day and night, it’s advisable to dress in layers during April. Light jackets, sweaters, and long-sleeved clothing are suitable for the cooler evenings and mornings, while short-sleeved shirts and lighter clothing are perfect for the daytime.


April is a great time to visit Beijing as the weather is comfortable and the city’s parks and gardens start to bloom with cherry blossoms and other spring flowers. The city’s many historical and cultural attractions are also easily accessible during this time.

In summary, April in Beijing is characterized by mild temperatures, low precipitation, and increasing amounts of sunshine. It’s a pleasant time to explore the city, enjoy outdoor activities, and witness the start of spring in the Chinese capital. However, be prepared for temperature fluctuations between day and night, and consider packing accordingly for your trip.

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