Binhai Aircraft Carrier Theme Park, Tianjin – Ticket Price, Opening Hours, Location, and Highlights

binhai aircraft carrier theme park

The Binhai Aircraft Carrier Theme Park (滨海航母主题公园) is a captivating destination that combines the allure of military history with the excitement of amusement park entertainment. Situated in the vibrant city of Tianjin, China, this unique attraction offers visitors a remarkable experience unlike any other. The centerpiece of the park is a decommissioned aircraft carrier that has been transformed into an interactive museum, showcasing the fascinating world of naval aviation.

Immersive exhibits take visitors on a journey through the carrier’s history, highlighting the evolution of aircraft technology and the bravery of those who served on board. From authentic aircraft displays to state-of-the-art simulators, visitors can engage in thrilling experiences that bring the carrier’s operations to life.

Beyond the aircraft carrier, the theme park offers a myriad of family-friendly activities, including thrilling rides, live performances, and engaging educational experiences. Guests can indulge in delicious cuisine, explore themed areas, and enjoy spectacular shows that celebrate the spirit of naval adventure.

The Binhai Aircraft Carrier Theme Park provides an extraordinary blend of education, entertainment, and excitement, making it an unparalleled destination for history enthusiasts, thrill-seekers, and families alike.

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Basic Information

Estimated Length of TourA day
Opening Hours1st March – 31st October
9.00 – 17.30 (Monday – Friday)
9.00 – 18.00 (Saturday – Sunday)
1st November – 28th February
9.00 – 17.00 (Monday – Sunday)
Ticket Price220 RMB
Telephone Number0086-022-67288899

Location and Transportation

The Binhai Aircraft Carrier Theme Park is situated along the beautiful coastline of the Bohai Sea, close to the National Maritime Museum. Its exact address is the junction of Zhongyang Avenue and Gongyuan Road, Binhai New District, Tianjin.

To get there, you can take bus 127, 459, or 462, get off at Binhai Aircraft Carrier Theme Park Stop, and walk about 200 meters to the southeast to reach the west gate of the park.

Highlights of Aircraft Carrier Theme Park

Decommissioned Aircraft Carrier

decommissioned aircraft carrier in binhai aircraft carrier theme park

The “Kiev” aircraft carrier is the first ship of the Soviet “Kiev” class aircraft carriers, built in 1970 and commissioned in 1975. It served as a flagship for the Soviet Northern Fleet and was a symbol of the Soviet Navy. With a length of 273.1 meters, a width of 52.8 meters, and a height of 61 meters, it had a standard displacement of 32,000 tons and a full load displacement of 40,500 tons. The “Kiev” had a range of 13,000 nautical miles and a maximum speed of 32 knots. It could accommodate a crew of 1,400 sailors and carry 33 aircraft, including 19 Ka-27/Ka-25 anti-submarine helicopters, 12 Yak-38 short takeoff and vertical landing fighter jets, as well as a trainer aircraft and an early warning aircraft.

The “Kiev” aircraft carrier had an illustrious service history, visiting countries such as India, North Korea, and Algeria during its active years. It earned the nickname “Crystal Ideal” and was considered a national symbol for the former Soviet Union. After its retirement in 1994, the “Kiev” was transformed into a decommissioned exhibit. It now serves as a major attraction in a theme park, allowing visitors to explore its decks and learn about its impressive legacy as a maritime giant and a feared “sea hunter” in the Western world.

Engaging Exhibits

engaging exhibits in binhai aircraft carrier theme park

The Binhai Aircraft Carrier Theme Park offers a multitude of engaging exhibits that captivate visitors and provide an immersive experience. From the moment guests step aboard the decommissioned carrier, they are transported into the world of naval aviation. The exhibits showcase the evolution of aircraft technology, military history, and the remarkable stories of the sailors who served on board. Through interactive displays, multimedia presentations, and authentic artifacts, visitors can gain a deeper understanding of the carrier’s operations, its role in history, and the bravery of those who defended the seas. These exhibits offer an educational and fascinating journey into the world of naval aviation.

Family-Friendly Activities

family friendly activities in binhai aircraft carrier theme park

The Binhai Aircraft Carrier Theme Park is not just a place for history enthusiasts, but also offers a wide range of family-friendly activities to entertain visitors of all ages. Families can enjoy thrilling rides that provide adrenaline-pumping experiences and create lasting memories. Interactive games and educational experiences engage young minds, allowing them to explore the world of naval aviation in a fun and engaging way. Additionally, there are dining options serving delicious cuisine and shops offering unique souvenirs, ensuring a complete and enjoyable experience for the entire family.

Spectacular Shows

spectacular shows in binhai aircraft carrier theme park

The Binhai Aircraft Carrier Theme Park is renowned for its spectacular shows that leave visitors in awe. From breathtaking acrobatics to mesmerizing aerial displays, these performances celebrate the spirit of naval adventure. Skilled performers showcase their talents through daring stunts, precision maneuvers, and theatrical productions that bring the world of naval aviation to life. The shows feature stunning visual effects, captivating storytelling, and vibrant music, creating a truly immersive and unforgettable experience.

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Useful Tips Summarized from Reviews

Consider Taking the Mini-Train: Upon entering, a mini-train is available for transportation within the park. It’s recommended for those who find the park’s size a bit overwhelming on foot. The round-trip fare is ¥50 for adults and ¥30 for children.

Bring Your Own Food and Drinks: The park’s food and beverage prices are on the higher side, so consider bringing your own refreshments.

Nighttime Fireworks and Confirmation: If time allows, consider staying for the evening fireworks show. However, these shows may be canceled for various reasons, so it’s advisable to confirm with the staff in advance.

Be Cautious in the Russian Style Street: Exercise caution in the Russian Style Street as prices for the same items may vary between different shops, leading to potential discrepancies and confusion.

Catch the “Flying Car Stunt” Performance: The entrance features the thrilling “Flying Car Stunt” performance arena, with two daily shows at around 11:00 AM and 2:00 PM, subject to seasonal adjustments. The performance lasts for approximately 20 minutes.

Feed Pigeons on the Return Trip: On the return journey, you have the opportunity to feed pigeons for 10 RMB per two packs of pigeon feed. If you open your arms, the pigeons are likely to fly onto your hands and arms.

Attractions near Binhai Aircraft Carrier Theme Park

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