Dujiangyan and Mount Qingcheng – a detailed one-day itinerary

Dujiangyan and Mount Qingcheng - a detailed one-day itinerary

Dujiangyan and Qingcheng Mountain are two renowned attractions near Chengdu. The former is an ancient irrigation system that has been benefiting the local people for over two thousand years. The latter is a famous sacred site in Taoism. Due to their close proximity, many visitors opt to explore both places in a single day. Here is a suggested itinerary:

Qingcheng Mountain:

  • Start your day by having breakfast and then take either Metro Line 2 or Line 6 to Xipu (犀浦). From there, transfer to a high-speed train bound for Qingcheng Mountain (High-speed train timetable from Chengdu to Mount Qingcheng).
  • Qingcheng Mountain Railway Station is located approximately 4.5 kilometers away from the scenic area. You can choose to travel there by taxi or take bus routes 101 or 102.
  • Start your ascent of Mount Qingcheng by taking the cable car to the summit. Enjoy panoramic views of the lush greenery and the surrounding peaks as you ascend.
  • Explore the Taoist temples and cultural sites scattered across the mountain. Visit the front and back peaks to see notable temples such as Jianfu Palace, Shangqing Palace, and Tianshi Cave.
  • Take a peaceful walk along the serene paths and trails, immersing yourself in the tranquility of the mountain. Enjoy the fresh air and the beauty of nature surrounding you.
  • Please note that it’s important not to venture into the back mountain of Qingcheng Mountain, as it may be challenging to complete the trip within a day.


  • After enjoying lunch at the foothills, proceed to Dujiangyan. Dujiangyan is just 16 kilometers away from Qingcheng Mountain, and you can opt for transportation options such as buses, taxis, or high-speed trains (How to get to Dujiangyan from Mount Qingcheng).
  • Arrive at Dujiangyan and head straight to the Dujiangyan Irrigation System, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Spend some time exploring this ancient engineering marvel built in the 3rd century BC. Learn about its historical significance in controlling floods and providing irrigation to the Chengdu Plain.
  • Visit the Erwang Temple, located within the Dujiangyan Irrigation System. It’s dedicated to Li Bing and his son, who were instrumental in the construction of the irrigation system. Admire the traditional architecture and serene surroundings of the temple.
  • Take a leisurely walk along the Anlan Suspension Bridge, which offers a picturesque view of the Dujiangyan Dam and the surrounding landscapes. Capture some memorable photos of the scenic beauty.
  • The last high-speed train from Dujiangyan to Chengdu departs at 21:33. Therefore, you have the choice to either have dinner locally or return to Chengdu and savor a wider variety of culinary delights.

This itinerary provides you with the opportunity to experience Dujiangyan and Mount Qingcheng in a condensed timeframe. However, it is crucial to bear in mind that both destinations entail a substantial amount of walking and hiking. Therefore, it is advisable to ensure that you possess adequate physical fitness before commencing the journey.

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