Fengxiang Hot Spring Resort – Location and Highlights

Fengxiang Hot Spring Resort

Fengxiang Hot Spring Resort (凤翔温泉), located at the southern end of Wangcheng Avenue in Luoyang, is a premier leisure and wellness destination centered around hot spring therapy. Situated adjacent to the Yichuan North exit of the Zhengzhou-Luoyang Expressway and just 7 kilometers from Longmen High-speed Railway Station, this expansive resort sprawls over a thousand acres, offering a holistic experience that includes open-air hot springs, themed cultural dining, hot spring resorts, ecological agricultural sightseeing, and recreational facilities. Recognized as a national AAAA-level tourist attraction, Fengxiang Hot Spring Resort is renowned for its rejuvenating thermal waters sourced from 1,500 meters beneath the surface of the West Mountain in Longmen.

What sets Fengxiang Hot Spring apart is its natural mineral-rich hot spring water, which has been nurtured by geological formations over millions of years. Emerging from the ground at a scorching 97 degrees Celsius, the spring water boasts a composition of 33 beneficial trace elements essential for human health. With properties known for their antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, as well as their ability to boost immunity, soften blood vessels, lower blood pressure, regulate the nervous system, and prevent cardiovascular diseases, these waters are celebrated as “millennium ancient baths” and “divine gifts.”

Accommodation at Fengxiang Hot Spring Resort comprises distinctive dwellings such as cave-style hot spring houses and mountain hot spring villas. Each lodging option features a private courtyard and an individual hot spring pool, offering guests an intimate and natural hot spring experience. The cave-style hot spring houses, in particular, boast temperature regulation that ensures comfort year-round, allowing guests to bask in the warmth of nature while indulging in the hot springs. On the other hand, the mountain hot spring villas offer standard hotel amenities with a living room and entertainment facilities like mahjong and wireless internet.

Moreover, Fengxiang Hot Spring Resort provides a plethora of recreational activities, including ecological agricultural sightseeing and recreational facilities for leisure and fitness. These offerings cater to guests seeking a comprehensive and diverse leisure vacation experience.

The resort is acclaimed for its high-quality service and facilities, earning widespread praise from visitors. Guests can enjoy comfortable accommodations, delectable dining options, and attentive service throughout their stay. Whether guests seek relaxation or wish to immerse themselves in unique hot spring culture, Fengxiang Hot Spring Resort offers a vacation experience tailored to meet diverse needs and preferences.

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