Geleshan National Forest Park – Ticket Price, Opening Hours, Transportation, and Highlights

geleshan national forest park

Located at an elevation of 678 meters, Geleshan National Forest Park (歌乐山国家森林公园) stands as the crown jewel of the Chongqing suburb. Covering an area of 43.33 hectares, this park seamlessly combines the beauty of mountains, water, forests, springs, caves, clouds, and mist, creating a breathtaking natural spectacle. With its “Yundin Smoke and Clouds” and “Lion Peak Solitude,” Geleshan National Forest Park boasts dozens of mesmerizing natural landscapes. This remarkable site also brings together the influences of Red Rock culture, Auxiliary Capital culture, Bayu culture, and religious culture, with historical landmarks and mythological tales such as the Horse Hoof Well, Dragon Spring Well, Yundin Temple, Clever Spring, and the Bayu Cultural Sculpture Corridor.

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Basic Information

Estimated Length of TourHalf a day
Ticket PriceFree
Opening Hours8.00 – 18.00
Telephone Number0086-023-65505778

Location and Transportation

Geleshan National Forest Park is strategically situated within the Shapingba District’s Geleshan Street, along Forest Road, near the famous Ciqikou Ancient Town. This park boasts a prime location, with its eastern border graced by the majestic Jialing River. Just 16 kilometers away from Chongqing’s bustling city center, Geleshan National Forest Park offers a tranquil escape from the urban hustle and bustle. To get there, you can choose the following ways:

Bus: Take bus 227, 278, 280, or 283 and get off at Geleshan Stop (歌乐山站).

Metro: The closest metro station to Geleshan National Forest Park is Ciqikou on line 1. After getting out of the station, transfer to Sightseeing Bus T198 to cover the remaining 3 kilometers, which takes about 30 minutes.

Highlights of Geleshan National Forest Park

Bayu Cultural Sculpture Corridor

The Bayu Cultural Sculpture Corridor is situated at the heart of Geleshan’s main peak area, atop the Yundin Temple site. It is the first large-scale Bayu culture sculpture plaza in China, created by the artist Sun Haixing in 1991. The sculpture, resembling three walls enclosing a space, spans 110 meters in total, with an average height of 5.7 meters. It is divided into three main themes: “The Boat of the Bayu People,” “Five Ding Massive Stones,” and “Sacrifice.”

The Enchanting Melody of Geleshan

The Geleshan “Enchanting Melody” has long been hailed as the “pride of Bayu,” a unique attraction within the magnificent landscapes of Geleshan. This “Enchanting Melody” resonates like celestial music, and anyone who ventures into the hinterlands of Geleshan or ascends Lion Mountain, sitting on a rocky cliff, can experience it. As the mountain wind blows, causing the valley to echo in response, the sound of waves rises and falls from the distance. This ethereal phenomenon was recorded in the Qing Dynasty during the reign of Emperor Qianlong (1751 AD), when County Magistrate Wang Erjian included “The Enchanting Melody of Geleshan” in the “Twelve Scenic Wonders of Bayu” and wrote a brief account of it in the “Bayu County Chronicles.”

Yunding Temple

Yunding Temple, originally known as Erlang Temple, is perched on the main peak of Geleshan at an elevation of 672 meters. Its name was changed to Yunding Temple due to the perennial shrouding of clouds and mist, creating a breathtaking spectacle. The temple was built during the Ming Dynasty, and it has endured for over 500 years. Unfortunately, it was destroyed during the “Great Leap Forward” movement in 1959, and only remnants remain today.

The Horse Hoof Well

In front of the Yundin Temple gate, there used to be a well shaped like a horse Hoof. The well water was clear and never ran dry, providing drinking water for the temple’s monks and residents. In 1986, the Shapingba District government revitalized the area and gave the ancient Horse Hoof Well a thorough restoration. Above the well, they created a semicircular arch with carvings of the tiger, a national totem of the Bayu ancestors. At the base on either side, horse hoof carvings were added, marking the entrance gate to the Bayu Cultural Sculpture Zone.

Aerial Adventure Maze

The Aerial Adventure Maze is the only one of its kind in Chongqing, combining aerial walkways and forest climbing in a forest adventure maze. The total length of the walkway is 300 meters, with 13 checkpoints. Visitors navigate a challenging course that twists and turns, taking them high above the ground, through the forest, and across various obstacles. The maze offers a thrilling adventure, pushing visitors to challenge nature and overcome themselves.

Legends and Stories

The Legend of the Horseshoe Well

In ancient times, Li Bing, the governor of Shu County, and his second son Erlang, were working on flood control in the Gankou area. After completing the construction of the Dujiangyan irrigation project, they arrived to manage the flooding of the Jialing River. One day, Erlang climbed Geleshan overlooking the Jialing River and saw a malevolent dragon causing chaos in the river. This dragon was blocking the river and causing flooding, submerging fertile fields and causing suffering to the people. Erlang was determined to eliminate this dragon and save the people. He mounted his war horse and engaged in a fierce battle with the dragon. During the battle, Erlang pierced the dragon with his sword. In its agony, the dragon thrashed and struck Erlang’s horse with its tail, leaving a deep, semicircular pool in the process. From that day on, this place became known as the Horseshoe Well.

The Legend of Clever Spring

During the Qing Guangxu era, a scholar named Luo Chenxiang from Sichuan was on his way to the imperial capital for the imperial examination. While passing through Chongqing Prefecture, he visited Geleshan to enjoy its beauty. After visiting Yundin Temple and listening to the Enchanting Melody of Geleshan, he came to a mountain spring, where he drank the clear and sweet water. The water refreshed him, and he felt his fatigue vanish, his mind clear, and his spirits lifted. This encounter with the spring water dispelled his anxieties about the imperial examination. He carried the spring water with him on his journey and frequently drank from it. Upon arriving in the capital, he wrote his exam paper with a clear and inspired mind, impressing the examiners with his eloquent writing. From then on, this spring has been called Clever Spring.

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Useful Tips Summarized from Reviews

Prepare Sufficient Supplies: There are few convenience stores along the way, with options mainly available at Bajiao Valley and Geleshan Visitor Center. It’s advisable to bring ample water and snacks for the hike to stay hydrated and energized throughout the journey.

Plan Sufficient Time: Allocate around 3 hours for the excursion to ensure ample time for exploration and to avoid being rushed. Poor time management could result in difficulties descending the mountain, especially if it gets dark.

Geleshan Sightseeing Cableway: The Geleshan Sightseeing Cableway is Chongqing’s first tourist cableway, providing direct access to the main peak of Geleshan, the Yunding Peak. With a length of over 900 meters, the cable car journey takes approximately 20 minutes. Consider using this convenient mode of transportation to reach the summit quickly and enjoy panoramic views along the way.

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