Ghost stories about the Forbidden City

ghost stories about forbidden city

With its long and storied history, it is not surprising that there are many tales of ghosts and hauntings associated with the Forbidden City.

The Ghost of the Concubine

One of the most famous stories involves the ghost of a concubine who was said to have been one of the most beautiful women in the palace during the Ming dynasty. According to legend, the emperor fell deeply in love with her, but the strict rules of the imperial court forbade their relationship.

The emperor and the concubine would meet secretly in a hidden garden within the palace walls, but one day they were discovered by the empress. In a fit of jealousy, the empress ordered the concubine to be executed and her body was thrown into a well within the palace grounds.

It is said that the ghost of the concubine still haunts the Forbidden City to this day, seeking revenge against the empress who betrayed her. Visitors to the palace have reported hearing strange noises, sudden temperature drops, and the apparition of a beautiful woman wandering the halls.

A Hidden Room

Another story involves a group of construction workers who were tasked with renovating one of the palace buildings. As they began their work, they discovered a hidden room that had been sealed for centuries.

Inside the room, they found a pile of bones and a handwritten note that read, “This is the body of the traitor who dared to plot against the emperor.” The workers were horrified and quickly left the room, but from that day on, strange things began to happen.

The workers reported hearing eerie whispers and footsteps following them as they worked, and several of them claimed to have seen the ghostly apparition of a man dressed in imperial robes. Eventually, the workers refused to continue their work in the haunted building, and it was left abandoned.


Despite the many ghost stories associated with the Forbidden City, it remains a popular tourist attraction, and visitors from all over the world continue to flock to the palace to see its magnificent architecture and learn about its rich history. Whether or not the ghosts of the past still linger within its walls is up for debate, but the stories and legends of the Forbidden City will continue to captivate and intrigue visitors for generations to come.

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