Goddess Stream in Wu Gorge

goddess sream in wu gorge

Goddess Stream, nestled along the southern bank of the Yangtze River, originates from Guandu Town in Wushan County, Chongqing. Flowing downstream, it transitions from Guandu River to Ziyang River, eventually becoming the Goddess Stream before merging with the Yangtze at Qing Shi Town, opposite the foothills of the Goddess Peak. The lower reaches of the river, shaped by its rugged geographical environment, retain a pristine and untouched natural beauty.

Stretching across 15 kilometers, the Goddess Stream presents a turbulent surface with shallow waters and narrow pathways. Approximately 10 kilometers of this stretch traverse through scarcely visited, untouched mountain valleys. Following the impoundment of the Three Gorges Dam’s third phase, visitors can venture deep into the canyon, revealing stunning landscapes and showcasing the original ecological habitats that were once only known to a few photographers. This newly accessible marvel has become a highlight for travelers exploring the Three Gorges region.

Five of the twelve peaks of Wushan – Cuiping, Feifeng, Qiyun, Shangsheng, and Jingtai – are scattered along the banks of the stream. Within the midstream of the Goddess Stream, the southern bank boasts the Shangsheng Peak, while the northwest side is adorned by the Qiyun Peak. These peaks, adorned with lush greenery and often veiled in mist and clouds, create a breathtaking panorama along the stream’s route.

Travelers typically embark on a boat journey from Wushan County town to Qing Shi, a quaint town nestled against the Goddess Peak across the river. This town offers the best vantage point for admiring the Goddess Peak and marks the confluence of the Goddess Stream with the Yangtze. Tourist boats set sail from Qing Shi, allowing visitors to traverse the enchanting waters of the Goddess Stream.

Goddess Stream isn’t just a waterway; it’s a passage through nature’s unspoiled beauty, showcasing the harmony between towering peaks, lush forests, and the meandering stream, offering travelers a serene and mesmerizing experience amidst the Three Gorges landscape.

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