Gold Mask Dynasty Show, Beijing – Ticket and Highlights

Golden Mask Dynasty show

The Golden Mask Dynasty show (金面王朝) in Beijing unfolds against the backdrop of an era shrouded in mystery, employing a structure akin to a dance drama. Through the artistic mediums of stage design, video projection, lighting effects, dance, acrobatics, and costumes, the show narrates the epic saga of the Golden Queen, who, adorned with a golden mask, fosters a magnificent dynasty through wisdom, tolerance, trust, and love. Divided into eight chapters – War, Fields, Forging, Celebration, Moonlight, Flood, Ritual, and Transformation – the performance vividly portrays the grandeur of Chinese civilization.

At its heart, the show depicts a timeless tale of romance. The Golden Mask Dynasty thwarts an invasion by the Blue Mask Dynasty, taking their warriors as prisoners. However, the labor and diligence of the Blue Mask people contribute to the unprecedented prosperity of the Golden Mask Dynasty. The Queen grants a general amnesty, allowing newfound freedom to the captives who bask in the warmth and harmony of the flourishing kingdom, thereby weaving a romantic love story. Suddenly, disaster strikes with a catastrophic flood. Sacrificing her life, the Queen appeases the heavens, ensuring the tranquility of the land. The survivors, driven by her vision, embark on the task of rebuilding their homeland. Ancient songs extol the virtues of human kindness, while mesmerizing dances celebrate romantic love, echoing eternally in the hearts of the people.

The Golden Mask Dynasty is a pinnacle production of large-scale stage art in OCT Theatre, bringing forth a surreal artistic experience. The international-standard theatre design, tailored exclusively for the show, features a 360-degree revolving stage – a unique feature in China. Professional stage art design creates a visually stunning spectacle, captivating the audience’s senses. A fusion of sound, light, fire, electricity, dance, magic, and acrobatics delivers an awe-inspiring sensory journey. Moreover, a colossal 500-ton water cascade on stage is unparalleled in China. With performances held year-round and round-the-clock, the show eagerly awaits your presence, promising an unforgettable experience.

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