Hometown of Qu Yuan, Yichang – Ticket, Opening Hours, Location, and Highlights

hometown of qu yuan

The Hometown of Qu Yuan Scenic Area (屈原故里景区) is nestled within the city of Zigui, located in Yichang, with a mere 600-meter straight-line distance from the renowned Three Gorges Dam. Positioned atop Fenghuang Mountain, visitors are treated to an expansive view of the Three Gorges Dam. This site became a focal point for the relocation of cultural relics, including 24 locations such as the Qu Yuan Shrine and Jiangdu Temple, as a result of the Three Gorges Project. In May 2006, it was officially designated as the sixth batch of National Key Cultural Relics Protection Units by the Chinese State Council.

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Basic Information

Estimated Length of Tour2 – 3 hours
Ticket Price80 RMB
Opening Hours8.00 – 18.00
Telephone Number0086-0717-2886198

Location and Transportation

The Hometown of Qu Yuan Scenic Area is situated in the new county seat of Zigui County, Hubei Province, in close proximity to the Three Gorges Dam. You can reach the attraction by taking a Three Gorges cruise directly to Zigui County.

Alternatively, from Yichang Long-distance Bus Station, buses are available to Maoping Town’s Fenghuangshan. Disembarking there, it’s about a 1-kilometer walk to reach the Qu Yuan Hometown. For convenience, electric shuttle services within the Three Gorges Scenic Area are also accessible, costing 10 yuan for a round trip or one-way journey.

Highlights of Hometown of Qu Yuan

The primary attractions within the scenic area include the Qu Yuan Memorial Area, prominently featuring the Qu Yuan Shrine. Additionally, there is a focus on the Three Gorges Ancient Residential Area, highlighting New Tan Ancient Dwellings, Xiajiang Stone Carvings, and Ancient Bridges of Xiajiang. The non-material cultural exhibition zone showcases Xiajiang Shadow Play, witchcraft performances, and boatmen’s folk songs.

Visitors can explore the Dragon Boat Museum, Dragon Boat Customs Museum, and the Gaoxia Pinghu Viewing Platform, among other attractions. The scenic area provides an opportunity to delve into the ancient residential area of the Three Gorges, emphasizing New Tan Ancient Dwellings, Xiajiang Stone Carvings, and Ancient Bridges of Xiajiang.

Replicated within the scenic area are some landmarks associated with Qu Yuan’s birthplace, such as Xianglu Ping (Incense Burner Platform), Zhaomian Jing (Facing Well), and Yumi Sanqiu (Three Mounds of Corn). According to legends, these sites have a close connection to Qu Yuan, preserving traces of his life. The Hometown of Qu Yuan Scenic Area offers a rich tapestry of historical and cultural elements, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the legacy of Qu Yuan and the unique traditions of the Three Gorges region.

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