Honghu Lake Eco-Tourism Scenic Area – Ticket, Opening Hours, Location, and Highlights

honghu lake eco-tourism scenic area

The Honghu Lake Eco-Tourism Scenic Area (洪湖生态旅游风景区), nestled amidst the natural and cultural landscapes of Honghu Lake, boasts a pristine and authentic ecological beauty. The area features lush water plants and is home to over 70 species of fish, providing a natural playground where visitors can engage in lotus picking and fishing during the vibrant summer season, and duck hunting in the spring and winter. Once the central region of the Xiang-E Revolution base, the scenic area also preserves 39 historical sites related to the revolutionary struggle.

With a vast expanse, visitors need to take a boat from the entrance to the ticket office, a journey taking approximately 30 minutes. The scenic area also hosts a daily live performance titled “Honghu Red Guards,” a 20-minute portrayal of historical events. The Honghu Lake Eco-Tourism Scenic Area offers a harmonious blend of natural wonders and historical significance, making it a captivating destination for visitors.

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Basic Information

Estimated Length of TourHalf a day
Ticket Price60 RMB
Opening Hours8.00 – 17.00
Telephone Number0086-0716-2742799

Location and Transportation

The Honghu Lake Eco-Tourism Scenic Area is located in Qujia Bay, Honghu City, Jingzhou City, Hubei Province, in the northwestern part of Honghu Lake.

Visitors can take a long-distance shuttle bus from the Honghu Passenger Transport Station to Qujia Bay. The bus ticket costs approximately 15 yuan. It’s important to note that the shuttle bus only goes as far as the town, and from there, visitors will need to take a local pedicab to reach the scenic area, with a usual fare of 15 yuan. However, the most convenient and efficient way to travel to the scenic area is by driving, offering flexibility and ease of access for visitors.

Highlights of Honghu Lake Eco-Tourism Scenic Area

River-view Corridor

river-view corridor in honghu lake eco-tourism scenic area

The River-view Corridor, stretching 100 meters, stands as the epitome of Chinese corridor architecture. Tailored to reflect the characteristics of Honghu’s water town, every 3 meters of the corridor features depictions of characters and scenes from “Honghu Red Guards,” allowing visitors to leisurely stroll beneath its arches. As you wander through this corridor, you can enjoy the picturesque views of the ecological park, letting your thoughts wander as you feel the breeze and hum along to the tune of “Waves Hitting Waves,” savoring the joy of nature.

Guanyin Bronze Statue

guanyin bronze statue in honghu lake eco-tourism scenic area

A monumental Guanyin bronze statue weighing 22.5 tons graces the Honghu Eco-Tourism Scenic Area. Guanyin, a compassionate bodhisattva capable of thirty-three transformations and alleviating twelve types of hardships, is depicted in the form of Yangzhi Guanyin, holding a willow branch in the right hand and a purification bottle in the left. Legend has it that Guanyin would use the willow branch to collect dewdrops, sprinkling them on the earth to dispel disasters and diseases. Over time, the belief evolved beyond mere protection from calamities, extending to fulfilling various aspirations. In ancient times, Honghu was part of Yunmeng Ancient Marsh, connected to the 800-mile Dongting Lake, with expansive water areas and dense reed beds. Fishermen on Honghu, facing treacherous waves during their work, would often find solace in worshiping Guanyin. It is said that whenever fishermen encountered danger on the lake, invoking the name of Guanyin would bring salvation and release from peril.

Fishing Island

fishing island in taihu eco-logocial scenic area

The Fishing Island, constructed in a Ming and Qing Dynasty architectural style with blue tiles and white walls, is adorned with various flowers, plants, and trees. Numerous pavilions are scattered across the island, providing places for visitors to rest, fish, and shop. A variety of amenities are available for visitors interested in fishing, and there’s even a “West Zhou King Shrine” for those seeking a spiritual experience. Surrounded by serene lake waters, the island offers stunning views, making it an ideal haven for leisure and fishing. After a successful catch, you can bring your fish to the self-service restaurant and try your hand, creating a delicious and fresh meal.

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