How to get to Badaling Great Wall from the Forbidden City

how to get to badaling great wall from the forbidden city

Badaling Great Wall is located in Yanqing County, about 80 kilometers northwest of Beijing, China. It is one of the most popular sections of the Great Wall and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Forbidden City is located in the heart of Beijing, so it is quite far away from Badaling Great Wall. The distance between the Forbidden City and Badaling Great Wall is approximately 70 kilometers, and it takes about 1.5 to 2 hours to travel between the two places.

Here are some ways to get to Badaling Great Wall from the Forbidden City:

By Bus

You can take bus 5 at the north gate of the Forbidden City and then transfer to bus 877 at Deshengmen Bus Station (德胜门), which will take you to Badaling Great Wall. The bus departs every 10 minutes, and the journey takes about 2 hours. The fare is around 14 RMB.

By Train

You can take the subway to Qinghe Station (清河, first take line 8, then line 10, and finally line 13) and transfer to the train there. D1103 (departs at 8.19 am), D1091 (departs at 10.12 am), D6705 (departs at 10.58 am), D6725 (departs at 12.29 pm), D1013 (departs at 2.47 pm), D6715 (departs at 3.30 pm), D6727 (departs at 5.25 pm), D1021 (departs at 7.52 pm), and D6729 (departs at 8.35 pm)will take you directly to the foot of Badaling Great Wall. The subway ride takes about 1 hour, and the train ride takes about 30 minutes. The total fare is about 25 RMB.

By Taxi

You can also hire a taxi to take you from the Forbidden City to Badaling Great Wall. The journey takes about 1.5 hours, and the cost is approximately 240 RMB. But I should warn you that the fare can be much higher if you are caught in a traffic jam.

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