How to get to Beijing Airport from Tianjin?

How to get to beijing airport from tianjin

When journeying from Tianjin to the airports of Beijing, travelers have a variety of transportation options at their disposal, ensuring a smooth and convenient transition between cities. With two major airports serving the capital city, the routes from Tianjin offer flexibility and accessibility for passengers.

For those heading to Beijing Capital International Airport:

Take a Long-Distance Bus: Conveniently located near Tianjin’s downtown area, the Tianjin Long-Distance Bus Station or Tianjin Railway Station offers direct buses to Beijing Capital Airport. You can find these buses at the bus station, which is situated west of the square in the Heping District. Tianjin Railway Station, a major transportation hub, also provides buses directly to Beijing Capital Airport.

Combine Train and Subway: Departing from Tianjin Railway Station or Tianjin South Railway Station, you can board high-speed trains bound for Beijing South Railway Station. Upon reaching Beijing South Railway Station, transfer to the subway for a direct route to Beijing Capital Airport. Take Line 14 of the subway and then transfer to the Airport Express Line at Dongzhimen Station. This efficient subway connection ensures a smooth journey to the airport terminals.

For travelers heading to Beijing Daxing International Airport

High-Speed Train + Subway: From Tianjin Railway Station or Tianjin South Railway Station, hop on a high-speed train to Beijing South Railway Station. Upon arrival, take the subway to Daxing Airport. Start with Line 4 of the subway and transfer to the Daxing Airport Line at Caoqiao Station. This subway route provides a seamless connection to Daxing Airport, offering convenience and efficiency for travelers.

Take the Jinxing Inter-City Railway: The Jinxing Inter-City Railway links Tianjin with Beijing Daxing Airport. Starting from Tianjin West Railway Station, this railway terminates at Beijing Daxing International Airport Station. Travelers can board trains directly from Tianjin West Railway Station to reach Daxing Airport swiftly and comfortably, making it an excellent option for those seeking convenience and time-saving travel arrangements.

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