How to get to Nanluoguxiang from Forbidden City

how to get to nanluoguxiang from forbidden city

Nanluoguxiang is a popular tourist destination located in the Dongcheng district of Beijing, China. It is a historic hutong (narrow alleyway) that is known for its traditional architecture, trendy shops, cafes, and bars.

The distance between Nanluoguxiang and the Forbidden City is approximately 3.5 kilometers (2.2 miles). There are several ways to get there from the Forbidden City:


Walk to the east gate of the Forbidden City, take subway line 8 from the Jinyu Hutong (金鱼胡同 Goldfish Alleyway), and get off at Nanluoguxiang Station. Get out of the station from Exit E, and you will be standing at the south entrance of the alley. The whole journey takes about 20 minutes (10 minutes walk and 10 minutes subway), and the fare is 3 RMB.


Start again from the east gate of the Forbidden city, take Bus 60 at Xila Hutong (锡拉胡同), get off at Nanluoguxiang Stop, and walk about 50 meters to the east to reach the south end of the alleyway. The whole journey takes about 27 minutes, and the fare is 2 RMB.

Or, you can take bus 125 at the north gate of the Forbidden City (Shenwumen Stop 神武门), get off at DianmenWai Stop (地安门外), walk about 100 meters to the south, and turn east at the first cross. After about 200 meters, you will reach Nanluoguxiang. The whole journey takes about half an hour, and the fare is 2 RMB.


Taxis are readily available in Beijing. It will take about 15-20 minutes to get from the Forbidden City to Nanluoguxiang, and the cost is about 15 RMB, depending on the traffic. You can show the driver the following text: “请带我到南锣鼓巷南口”.


Beijing has a public bike-sharing system, and you can rent a bike from the Forbidden City and ride to Nanluoguxiang in about 20-30 minutes, depending on your speed.


If you are fit enough, you can also try to walk to Nanluoguxiang from the north gate of the Forbidden City. It is only 1.8 kilometers (1.11 miles) away and will take about 27 minutes. The journey is a little tiring but will allow you to see the views that a regular visitor will neglect.

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