How to get to Zhouzhuang From Wenzhou

How to get to Zhouzhuang From Wenzhou

Wenzhou, located in Jiangsu Province, is about 430 kilometers away from Zhouzhuang, a picturesque water town in Jiangsu Province. Besides driving, there are alternative ways to travel to Zhouzhuang from Wenzhou.

Wenzhou to Kunshan

The most convenient way to reach Zhouzhuang from Wenzhou is by taking a high-speed train. You can board a high-speed train at Wenzhou South Station and get off at Kunshan South Station. There are approximately 9 trains available daily, and the journey typically takes around 4-5 hours, with a cost of about 240 RMB.

Kunshan to Zhouzhuang

After arriving at Kunshan South Station, you can take Bus 133 directly to Zhouzhuang. The last bus departs at 18:00 and the journey takes approximately 45 minutes. For those with a more flexible budget, taxis are also an option. While more comfortable, the travel time is roughly the same as the bus, and the cost is around 118 RMB.

High-speed Train Timetable from Wenzhou South Station to Kunshan South Station

Train No.DepartureArrivalDurationCost
G75726.4111.274 hours 46 minutes269 RMB
G12287.3411.414 hours 7 minutes236 RMB
D314211.5016.214 hours 31 minutes237 RMB
G759212.4116.434 hours 2 minutes234 RMB
D313613.2118.054 hours 44 minutes237 RMB
G779214.0118.464 hours 45 minutes271 RMB
G743214.5619.324 hours 36 minutes270 RMB
G755015.4020.124 hours 32 minutes274 RMB
G756615.4620.304 hours 44 minutes269 RMB

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