How to travel between Beijing Daxing Airport and downtown?

How to travel between Beijing Daxing Airport and downtown

Beijing Daxing International Airport, located approximately 46 kilometers from downtown Beijing, offers several convenient transportation methods for travelers commuting between the airport and the city center.

1. Airport Express Subway (Daxing Airport Line):

One of the most efficient ways to reach downtown Beijing is by taking the Airport Express Subway, specifically the Daxing Airport Line. This subway line covers a distance of 41.4 kilometers and has three stations: Caoqiao, Daxing New Town, and Daxing Airport. The journey takes approximately 19 minutes from Caoqiao to the B2 level of the airport terminal.

After arriving at the airport, passengers can use the internal transfer elevators to navigate between different floors within the terminal. Caoqiao station provides a convenient interchange with Line 10 of the Beijing subway, with a distance of 270 meters and a transfer time of 6 minutes.

2. High-Speed Rail (Beijing Section of JingXiong Intercity Railway):

Travelers can opt for high-speed rail services departing from Beijing West Railway Station. The high-speed train follows the existing Jingjiu Railway line, passing through stations like Liying before entering the JingXiong Intercity Railway. The journey to Daxing Airport Station takes approximately 28 minutes, with a maximum speed of 250 kilometers per hour.

Daxing Airport Station is situated parallel to the Airport Express Subway, and its entrance is located on the north side of the B2 level within the airport terminal. The transfer from exiting the station to entering the airport typically takes no more than 10 minutes.

3. Airport Shuttle Buses:

Beijing Daxing Airport provides multiple shuttle bus routes connecting the airport to various city destinations, including Beijing West Station, Beijing South Station, and Xuanwumen. These routes include:

  • Xinghang 1 Line (Daxing Airport – Beijing Station)
  • Xinghang 2 Line (Daxing Airport – Beijing West Station)
  • Xinghang 3 Line (Daxing Airport – Beijing South Station)
  • Xinghang 4 Line (Daxing Airport – Tongzhou)
  • Xinghang 5 Line (Daxing Airport – Fangshan)
  • Xinghang 6 Line (Daxing Airport – Xuanwumen Night Line)

4. Private Vehicles:

Travelers who prefer driving have four main expressway routes connecting different areas of Beijing to the new airport. Once at the airport, there are parking facilities with both above-ground and underground levels, offering a total of 4,238 parking spaces, including 630 electric vehicle charging spots. The airport also features intelligent parking facilities, enhancing the overall parking experience for passengers.

5. Private Service

 Or you can use the private transfer service, which helps you skip the long line, saves you from the crowd, and help with the luggage.

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