How to use Beijing Subway?

how to use beijing subway

Navigating Beijing‘s extensive subway system can be a daunting task for newcomers, but with a bit of guidance, it becomes an efficient and convenient way to explore the city’s diverse attractions. Here’s a detailed guide on how to use the Beijing subway:

Planning Your Route:

Before setting out, familiarize yourself with Beijing’s subway map, which can be found online, in subway stations, or on various mobile apps. Identify your starting point and destination to determine the most efficient route.

Take note of the line numbers, colors, and interchange stations along your route. Understanding these details will help you navigate the subway system smoothly.

Purchasing Tickets:

Beijing’s subway operates on a distance-based fare system, meaning the farther you travel, the more you’ll pay. Tickets can be purchased from ticket vending machines located in all subway stations.

Select your destination station on the vending machine’s screen, insert cash or use a transportation card (such as the Yikatong card), and collect your ticket.

Alternatively, consider using mobile payment methods such as QR codes or smartphone apps, which are becoming increasingly popular in Beijing’s subway system.

Entering the Station:

Upon arriving at the subway station, locate the entrance gates. Insert your ticket into the slot at the gate, or tap your transportation card on the designated card reader to gain access.

Remember to keep your ticket or transportation card handy, as you’ll need it to exit the subway system at your destination.

Navigating the Platform:

Follow the signs and overhead displays to reach the correct platform for your train line. Platforms are typically labeled with the line number, direction of travel, and the final destination of the train.

Pay attention to the announcements and electronic displays, as they provide real-time information about train arrivals, departures, and any service disruptions.

Boarding the Train:

As the train approaches, stand behind the yellow safety line on the platform and allow passengers to exit before boarding.

Once onboard, find a seat or grab onto one of the handrails if standing. Be mindful of other passengers, and offer your seat to those in need, such as elderly or pregnant individuals.

Exiting the Station:

Upon reaching your destination station, follow the signs to the exit gates. Insert your ticket into the slot at the gate, or tap your transportation card on the designated card reader to exit.

If you used a single-journey ticket, remember to retrieve it from the gate as you exit. If you used a transportation card, you can simply tap it on the reader without needing to retrieve it.

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