Huayi Brothers Movie World, Suzhou – Ticket Price, Opening Hours, Location, and Highlights

huayi brothers movie world

Huayi Brothers Movie World (华谊兄弟电影世界) in Suzhou is a renowned entertainment venture under the umbrella of Huayi Brothers, one of China’s leading entertainment conglomerates. Officially inaugurated in July 2018, Huayi Brothers Movie World stands as the first themed park developed by the company. This immersive entertainment project is centered around the proprietary intellectual properties of Huayi Brothers’ film productions, following a business model akin to Disneyland and Universal Studios. Situated on the southern shore of Yangcheng Lake, it has swiftly become one of the most talked-about attractions in Suzhou.

Comprising five distinct thematic zones, Huayi Brothers Movie World includes the “Starlight Avenue Zone,” “If You Are the One Zone,” “Assembly Call Zone,” “Tai Chi Zone,” and “Sky Kingdom Zone.” These zones draw inspiration from several notable films produced by Huayi Brothers, such as “If You Are the One,” “Assembly,” “Tai Chi,” and “Detective Dee: The Four Heavenly Kings.” Serving as the entrance pathway, Starlight Avenue features film scene streets and souvenir shops, reminiscent of Disney’s Main Street. If You Are the One Zone recreates the Japanese-style scenery of Otaru in Hokkaido, offering romantic settings. Assembly Call Zone portrays a Northern city environment from the 1940s and 1950s, while Tai Chi Zone hosts a large-scale outdoor live show that can accommodate an audience of up to two thousand people. The Sky Kingdom Zone’s Luoyang City boasts a high level of authenticity. The park also includes a dedicated area for family-friendly activities, catering to the enjoyment of younger visitors.

Huayi Brothers Movie World features a total of 34 amusement rides, 11 live performances, 24 restaurants, and 48 themed shops. Due to regular maintenance or during low-traffic periods, some of the amusement rides may be temporarily closed. With its unique blend of cinematic themes and real-world environments, Huayi Brothers Movie World has positioned itself as a must-visit attraction in Suzhou, showcasing the rich cinematic heritage of Huayi Brothers in an engaging and immersive manner.

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Basic Information

Estimated Length of Tour1 day
Ticket Price228 RMB
Opening Hours9.30 – 21.30
AreaOver 400 acres
Telephone Number0086-0512-67990518

Location and Transportation

Huayi Brothers Movie World is located in the picturesque city of Suzhou, China. Suzhou, renowned for its rich cultural heritage and stunning landscapes, provides the perfect backdrop for this innovative entertainment complex. The park’s exact address is No. 188, Yangcheng Lake Avenue, Suzhou Industrial District, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China. To get there, you can choose the following ways:

Bus: Take bus 1066 and get off at Huayi Movie World Stop (华谊影城站), or take bus 129, 1052, or 1057 and get off at Yangcheng Lake Avenue Yiting Road Stop (阳澄湖大道夷亭路站).

Metro: The closest metro station to Huayi Brothers Movie World is Yangcheng Lake South (阳澄湖南) on line 5. After getting out of the station, walk about 600 meters to the north to reach the park.

Highlights of Huayi Brothers Movie World

Film-Inspired Zones

film-inspired zones in huayi brothers movie world

Huayi Brothers Movie World offers a captivating array of film-inspired zones, each a portal to cinematic wonder. From fantasy realms to action-packed adventures, visitors can explore intricately crafted zones dedicated to iconic movies and TV shows. Immerse yourself in beloved narratives, interact with characters, and relive unforgettable scenes. Whether stepping into a fantasy kingdom, braving a sci-fi universe, or embracing historical epics, these meticulously designed zones bring the magic of the silver screen to life, offering a truly immersive and enchanting experience for all who seek to delve into the heart of their favorite films.

Cutting-Edge Rides

cutting-edge rides in huayi brothers movie world

Huayi Brothers Movie World boasts an exhilarating array of rides that fuse cutting-edge technology with cinematic storytelling. Embark on pulse-pounding roller coasters that catapult you into the heart of iconic movie scenes. Experience the thrill of 4D adventures, where the line between reality and fiction blurs. From gravity-defying simulations to immersive dark rides, each attraction transports you on a unique cinematic journey, seamlessly blending action, suspense, and spectacle. Whether soaring through fantasy realms or dodging villains in high-speed pursuits, these rides promise an adrenaline-fueled exploration of beloved films, redefining theme park entertainment and bringing the magic of the movies to life like never before.

Live Performances

live performances in huayi brothers movie world

Huayi Brothers Movie World brings the art of filmmaking center stage with captivating live performances that mesmerize and engage. Witness the magic unfold as stunt shows, behind-the-scenes demonstrations, and theatrical displays take you on an immersive journey through cinematic creation. Feel the adrenaline of high-octane stunts, marvel at the skill behind special effects, and gain insights into the movie-making process. These live spectacles transport you beyond the screen, offering an up-close encounter with the craftsmanship and dedication that make films come alive. It’s a thrilling blend of entertainment and education, where audiences become part of the action, celebrating the magic of movies in a whole new light.

Theme Dining and Shopping

theme dining and shopping in huayi brothers movie world

Huayi Brothers Movie World treats your senses to a delightful fusion of cinematic fantasy and culinary delight with its themed dining and shopping experiences. Immerse yourself in movie-inspired restaurants and cafes, where delectable dishes are crafted to transport your taste buds into iconic film worlds. Indulge in themed merchandise at the park’s shops, offering a curated collection of souvenirs and memorabilia. From feasting like a character to taking home a piece of the magic, these immersive dining and shopping options allow you to savor the essence of your favorite films and extend your cinematic journey beyond the screen.

Spectacular Nighttime Shows

spectacular nighttime shows in huayi brothers movie world

As the sun sets, Huayi Brothers Movie World transforms into a mesmerizing realm of Nighttime Shows that redefine cinematic enchantment. Witness the park come alive with spectacular displays of light, projection mapping, and special effects. Immerse yourself in larger-than-life stories that unfold against the backdrop of the night sky. These captivating shows seamlessly blend technology and imagination, delivering an awe-inspiring experience where beloved film narratives transcend into breathtaking reality. From thrilling performances to dazzling visual symphonies, the Nighttime Shows at Huayi Brothers Movie World offer a captivating finale, celebrating the magic of cinema under the stars.

Family-Friendly Entertainment

family-friendly entertainment in huayi brothers movie world

Huayi Brothers Movie World welcomes families to a world of wholesome and captivating entertainment. With a diverse range of attractions suitable for all ages, the park offers a shared journey through the magic of cinema. Families can bond over interactive experiences, embark on gentle rides, and enjoy live performances that delight young and old alike. From meeting beloved characters to exploring enchanting landscapes, every moment is crafted to create lasting memories together. Huayi Brothers Movie World is a destination where families can laugh, learn, and connect through the power of storytelling, making it an ideal choice for multi-generational adventures and cherished moments.

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Useful Tips Summarized from Reviews

Information and Rentals:

  • Upon entering the park, visit the service desk on the right-hand side to collect a play guide and show schedule.
  • If you prefer not to walk, consider renting a vehicle on the left-hand side. Be prepared to pay a 300 yuan deposit.

Avoid Mondays:

  • It is advised not to visit on Mondays as there are fewer performance and interactive programs, and some venues may be under maintenance.

Food Prices:

  • Food within the park tends to be more expensive, with snacks costing roughly double compared to outside.
  • Consider bringing snacks or having a meal outside the park to save on costs.

Caution with Separate Fee Activities:

  • Exercise caution when considering separately charged activities. Some reviewers mentioned that the props may be subpar, and the staff attitude might be lacking.

Night Shows and Queue Timing:

  • Night shows begin at 4:00 PM, attracting a larger crowd. It’s advisable to queue for popular attractions before 4:00 PM.
  • While earlier visits may be warmer, after 5:00 PM, the temperature tends to cool down as the sun sets.

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