Is Beijing Zoo ethical – a complex issue

is beijing zoo ethical

The ethics of Beijing Zoo have been a subject of controversy and debate for many years. While some argue that the zoo has taken steps to improve the treatment of animals, others contend that there are still significant ethical concerns that should be addressed.

One of the primary ethical issues surrounding Beijing Zoo is the treatment of animals in captivity. Reports have surfaced over the years of animals being kept in small and inadequate enclosures, suffering from health issues, and being subjected to cruel treatment by staff and visitors. Some activists have also raised concerns about the trade of endangered species, which may contribute to the decline of wild populations.

For example, in 2016, photos and videos of a Siberian tiger kept in a small enclosure went viral and sparked outrage. The tiger was visibly emaciated and appeared to be in poor health. In 2018, a polar bear was filmed exhibiting signs of mental distress, including pacing and repeatedly hitting its head against a wall.

However, in recent years, Beijing Zoo has taken some steps towards improving animal welfare. The zoo has renovated some animal enclosures to provide more space and natural habitats for the animals. Additionally, the zoo has established educational programs to promote conservation and awareness. For example, the zoo has created exhibits highlighting the importance of protecting endangered species and educating visitors about animal behavior and conservation.

Moreover, the zoo participates in breeding programs for some endangered species, which can help to prevent their extinction. For example, Beijing Zoo successfully bred a pair of giant pandas, which are critically endangered. The breeding program has helped to increase the panda population and support conservation efforts.

While the improvements made by Beijing Zoo are commendable, there are still concerns about the treatment of animals within the facility. Animal rights advocates argue that the improvements are not enough and that more needs to be done to ensure that animals are treated ethically. For example, some argue that the enclosures are still too small for the animals and that more effort needs to be put into providing natural habitats and enrichment activities.

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