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the jiaoshan great wall

The Jiaoshan Great Wall (角山长城), located approximately 3 kilometers north of the ancient city Shanhaiguan, is a prominent section of the Great Wall of China. Nestled in the Yanshan Mountain range, it stands as the highest peak in the area, reaching an elevation of 519 meters, serving as a formidable barrier. Its summit boasts a large, flat platform capable of accommodating hundreds of people, adorned with towering rocks resembling the horns of a dragon, hence its name, Jiaoshan, meaning “Horn Mountain.”

As the initial mountain crossed by the Great Wall on its journey northward from the Old Dragon’s Head, Jiaoshan is often referred to as the “First Mountain of the Ten Thousand Li Great Wall.” Construction of the Jiaoshan Great Wall commenced in the early years of the Ming Hongwu era, stretching a total length of 1536 meters from the foot of the mountain to its expansive flat top. The wall is predominantly built from local materials, with rough stones forming the majority, supplemented by bricks and long stones in certain sections.

The wall typically reaches a height of 7 to 10 meters, with an average width of 4 to 5 meters. In steeper sections of the mountain, the wall is cleverly constructed into the cliffside, narrowing to as little as 2.7 meters. This strategic design features steep outer faces, making it challenging for assailants, while the inner faces are lower, facilitating climbing and strategic engagement during warfare.

Jiaoshan Great Wall served as the boundary between two crucial military towns, Liaodong and Ji, during the Ming Dynasty. It includes five enemy platforms, battle platforms, and one pass. Standing atop the summit of Jiaoshan, one can gaze into the distance, imagining the grand scenes of ancient battlefields where drums echoed and swords clashed.

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Basic Information

Estimated Length of Tour2 – 3 hours
Ticket Price40 RMB
Cable CarOne-Way: 30 RMB
Round: 50 RMB
Opening Hours7.00 – 17.30
Telephone Number0086-0335-5258000

Location and Transportation

The Jiaoshan Great Wall is located in the city of Qinhuangdao, which is situated in the Hebei province of northern China. Qinhuangdao is a coastal city that lies along the shores of the Bohai Sea. The city is approximately 300 kilometers (186 miles) east of Beijing, the capital of China.

Tourists from Qinhuangdao or Beidaihe can first take a train to Shanhai Pass Railway Station (山海关火车站) and then transfer to a taxi to cover the remaining 6 kilometers. This should be the most convenient way.

Details of the Great Wall

Unique Features

unique features of the jiaoshan great wall

The Jiaoshan Great Wall is distinct from other sections of the Great Wall due to its maritime location. Unlike the more commonly known mountainous sections, Jiaoshan Great Wall stretches gracefully across the rolling hills and cliffs along the Bohai Sea coast. The integration of the wall with the natural topography showcases the adaptability and architectural prowess of the Ming Dynasty builders.

Architectural Brilliance

architectural brilliance of jiaoshan great wall

The construction of the Jiaoshan Great Wall involved a complex network of watchtowers, beacon towers, and defensive fortifications. The wall itself was built with locally sourced materials, primarily using earth, bricks, and stones. The builders ingeniously utilized the natural contours of the mountain to provide additional strength and stability to the structure, ensuring its resilience against potential invaders.

Conservation and Restoration

conservation and restoration of jiaoshan great wall

Over the centuries, the Jiaoshan Great Wall suffered from the ravages of time, weather, and human encroachment. However, in recent decades, the Chinese government and local authorities have undertaken extensive conservation efforts to preserve this historical gem. Collaborating with experts and historians, they have meticulously restored sections of the wall to their former glory, allowing visitors to witness the grandeur of ancient China.

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Useful Tips Summarized from Reviews

Challenging Terrain and Climbing Structure: The Great Wall at Jiaoshan is known for its steep incline. The final stretch to the top, reaching the beacon tower, involves climbing ladders made of steel pipes and plates. This can be thrilling and is not recommended for those afraid of heights. Note that the descent on the other side also involves using similar ladders.

Spectacular Views from the Observation Deck: From the observation deck, looking back, visitors can witness the unrefurbished sections of the Great Wall winding its way from the ancient city. The distant sea sparkles, with scattered boats creating a picturesque scene, especially when the weather is clear.

Optimal Duration and Timing: It is suggested to allocate approximately 3 hours for the visit. Early morning visits are recommended to avoid crowds, as the number of visitors tends to increase around noon.

Limited Supply Station: There is only one supply station along the way, so it’s advisable to bring your own food and water to ensure you have sufficient supplies for the journey.

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