Long Lake in Jiuzhai Valley National Park

Long Lake in Jiuzhai Valley National Park

Nestled in the northern part of Sichuan province, China, lies the breathtaking Jiuzhai Valley National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site known for its majestic natural wonders and pristine landscapes. Among its numerous scenic spots, Long Lake (长湖) stands out as one of the most enchanting jewels in this picturesque region. With its mesmerizing turquoise waters, imposing snow-capped peaks, and serene surroundings, Long Lake offers visitors an unforgettable experience that epitomizes the beauty of nature.

Geographical Marvel:

Long Lake, locally known as “Chang-hai,” is one of the largest and deepest highland lakes in Jiuzhai Valley. Situated at an elevation of approximately 3,200 meters (10,500 feet) above sea level, the lake spans an impressive area, covering over one square kilometer. Despite its considerable depth, which reaches up to 93 meters (305 feet), the waters remain astonishingly clear, allowing visitors to see the vibrant underwater world with incredible clarity.

Turquoise Waters:

The allure of Long Lake lies in its striking turquoise-blue waters. The lake gets its exquisite hue from the interplay of various natural factors. Primarily, the presence of calcium carbonate, produced by the dissolution of carbonate rocks in the surrounding area, contributes to the lake’s captivating color. Additionally, the water’s clarity allows sunlight to penetrate deeply, enhancing the reflection of the sky’s azure tint, creating a mesmerizing spectacle that has captivated the hearts of millions of visitors.

Surrounded by Towering Peaks:

Long Lake is cradled by a spectacular amphitheater of majestic peaks that adds to its allure. The snow-capped mountains, soaring to heights above 4,800 meters (15,700 feet), create a dramatic backdrop that amplifies the lake’s enchanting beauty. Among these imposing summits, Mount Ganzigong rises as the highest, standing proudly at an elevation of 4,750 meters (15,580 feet). This stunning landscape presents a harmonious symphony of colors and shapes, providing visitors with a sense of tranquility and awe as they absorb the grandeur of nature’s masterpiece.

A Sanctuary for Wildlife:

The surroundings of Long Lake are not only a treat for the eyes but also a haven for diverse wildlife. Jiuzhai Valley National Park boasts a rich and unique ecosystem, and Long Lake serves as a vital part of this delicate balance. The area is home to various animal species, including the endangered giant pandas, golden snub-nosed monkeys, and a plethora of bird species. Visitors might be lucky enough to catch glimpses of these creatures as they roam freely in their natural habitat.

Seasonal Transformation:

Long Lake undergoes a stunning transformation throughout the seasons, making it a captivating destination to visit year-round. During spring, wildflowers bloom around the lake, adorning the landscape with a burst of colors. In the summer, the vibrant green of the surrounding forests contrasts beautifully with the cerulean waters, creating a lush and refreshing sight. Autumn brings a spectacular array of golden hues as the leaves change, and the snow-capped peaks in winter provide a serene and ethereal ambiance.

Preservation Efforts:

To protect the fragile ecosystem and preserve the pristine beauty of Long Lake and Jiuzhai Valley National Park, the Chinese government and local authorities have implemented strict conservation measures. Visitors are encouraged to follow guidelines to minimize their impact on the environment and respect the natural balance of the region.


In conclusion, Long Lake is an awe-inspiring gem within the majestic Jiuzhai Valley National Park, boasting stunning turquoise waters, surrounded by towering peaks, and harboring a diverse range of wildlife. Its breathtaking beauty and serene ambiance make it a must-visit destination for nature lovers and adventurers alike, offering an unforgettable experience that will leave an indelible mark on the hearts of those who have the privilege to explore its wonders.

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