Longhailu Pedestrian Street – Location and Highlights

longhailu pedestrian street

Longhailu Pedestrian Street (陇海路步行街), located in the Xinpu Central Business District of Lianyungang City, is the largest modern night market pedestrian street in the city, spanning approximately 1.4 kilometers. This vibrant thoroughfare seamlessly integrates a diverse array of culinary delights, gaming and entertainment options, as well as unique cultural and creative goods. Lined with both mid-range and high-end shopping centers on either side, the street comes alive every evening with brightly lit facades and the lively chatter of people, making it a prime destination for nighttime strolls, leisurely outings, and casual gatherings.

The pedestrian street is divided into three distinctive sections: East, Central, and West. The East section showcases a coastal ambiance, the Central section leans towards a European style, while the West section embraces a contemporary garden aesthetic. Along the street, carefully curated amenities such as resting areas, parks, and sculptures enhance the overall experience for visitors. Longhailu Pedestrian Street has become a bustling hub for those seeking a delightful blend of gastronomic adventures, entertainment, and a relaxed ambiance for evening excursions.

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Location and Transportation

Longhailu Pedestrian Street is situated in the picturesque coastal city of Lianyungang, specifically within the Hai Zhou district, in the bustling Xinpu Central Business District. The pedestrian street is approximately 2 kilometers away from the Lianyungang Railway Station, making it easily accessible to both locals and visitors.

To get there, you can take bus 3 or 23 and get off at Buxing Zhongjie Stop (步行中街站, Middle Section of Pedestrian Street Stop).

Highlights of Longhailu Pedestrian Street

East Section

longhailu pedestrian street 2

Sailboat Sculpture: Positioned at the eastern entrance, this sculpture serves as a promotional piece for the “Twelfth Jiangsu Garden Expo.” A green sailboat is accompanied by the charming mascots “Gang Yuan Yuan” representing Lianyungang’s city flower, the magnolia, and the city tree, the ginkgo tree. The sculpture, with its fairy-like figures, creates an enchanting ambiance, especially when illuminated at night.

Electric Mini Train: Meandering through the eastern part of Longhailu, this electric mini train covers a distance of approximately 300 meters, offering a delightful ride primarily designed for children.

Tongling Jewelry Copper Sculpture: Located at the entrance of the Tongling Jewelry store, this sculpture artfully depicts the scene of two craftsmen creating jewelry, providing a glimpse into the intricate craftsmanship.

Longhai Train Head: Situated at the western entrance, this creative stall features a booth designed in the shape of a train head, adding an imaginative touch to the street.

Central Section

longhailu pedestrian street 3

The heart of Longhailu Pedestrian Street is the Central Section, divided into two parts – the east section between “Nanji North Road” and “Haichang North Road,” and the west section between “Yanhe North Road” and “Nanji North Road.”

Fluorescent Swings: Located in the middle of the street, these trendy swings serve as public installations, adding a fashionable and dynamic element to the pedestrian experience. The swings are equipped with color-changing lights, creating an engaging visual spectacle.

Celebrity Corridor: Shaded by vines, the Celebrity Corridor offers a natural sunshade during the day. The corridor features seating with introductions to the life stories of historical and modern figures from Lianyungang, including ancient personalities such as Zhang Shu Ye and contemporary heroes like Zhang Lili and Wei Zhengxiong.

Shen Yunpei Copper Sculpture: Positioned at the entrance of Nanji North Road, this sculpture commemorates Shen Yunpei, a prominent industrialist, politician, and educator from Lianyungang during the early 20th century.

West Section

longhailu pedestrian street 4

“Journey to the West” Sculpture: Located at the eastern entrance of Nanji North Road, this sculpture depicts the iconic characters of Tang Monk and his disciples on a black marble pedestal, creating an impressive and golden-hued tableau.

Dapu River: Situated near the western entrance of Yanhe North Road, Dapu River lights up at night, creating a picturesque nocturnal scene along the riverbanks. As you move westward, the number of stalls gradually decreases.

Culinary and Creative Highlights

longhailu pedestrian street 5

In terms of culinary offerings, Longhailu Pedestrian Street boasts a diverse array of night market staples, with local specialties that may be limited in variety but are visually appealing. The street’s creative market features an extensive range of unique and aesthetically pleasing products, such as metal wire weaving and innovative gadgetry, contributing to a memorable and immersive shopping experience.

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