Longmen Ancient Town, Hangzhou – Ticket, Opening Hours, Location, and Highlights

longmen ancient town hangzhou

Longmen Ancient Town (龙门古镇), renowned for its unique collection of Ming and Qing Dynasty architecture, stands out as one of the most well-preserved mountainous ancient towns in the Jiangnan region. It features a variety of ancient structures such as ancestral halls, assembly halls, residential houses, ancient pagodas, stone bridges, and archways. Covering an area of 2 square kilometers, the town is home to over 7,000 residents, with more than 90% of them bearing the surname Sun, making it the largest settlement of descendants of Sun Quan, the Emperor of Eastern Wu during the Three Kingdoms period. Such a concentration of a single family name is exceptionally rare in China.

Nestled to the north of the Yanxi River, Longmen Ancient Town is intersected by the Longmen Creek and the Yanxi River, forming a picturesque scene surrounded by lush green fields and towering peaks. It earned its name from a remark by the renowned Han Dynasty scholar Yan Ziling, who praised its natural splendor by comparing its beauty to that of Longmen Mountain in Lvliang.

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Basic Information

Estimated Length of TourHalf a day
Ticket Price70 RMB
Opening Hours8.30 – 16.30; Last admission:16.00
Telephone Number0086-0571-63507877

Location and Transportation

Longmen Ancient Town is situated in Fuyang District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China. It lies approximately 38 kilometers away from the city center of Hangzhou and is located on the picturesque southern bank of the Fuchun River.

Visitors from Hangzhou can first take a high-speed train to Fuyang West Station. From there, they can transfer to the Changlv Special Line bus at Fuyang West Station (富阳西站至常绿专线). Alternatively, they can take a taxi to cover the remaining 30 kilometers to Longmen Ancient Town.

Highlights of Longmen Ancient Town

The Ancient Street

ancient street in longmen ancient town

The bustling and lively ancient street has always been a focal point of activity. Stretching nearly 1.5 miles long and about three meters wide, this marketplace has been prosperous throughout history, especially during the Ming and Qing dynasties when the Sun family of Longmen flourished economically. The Sun family’s wealth attracted numerous merchants and shops, making the ancient street a bustling hub of commerce. Most shops are designed with storefronts at the front and residences at the back, blending the hustle and bustle of commercial activities with the leisurely pace of daily life, showcasing the unique charm of the Ming and Qing street markets in mountainous ancient towns.

Riverside Dwellings

riverside dwellings in longmen ancient town

Nestled along the banks of the Longmen Creek, the riverside dwellings form an integral part of Longmen Ancient Town. Villagers have built their homes close to the creek, fostering a simple and honest way of life characterized by neighborly harmony and a tradition of farming and learning passed down through generations. The ancient-style houses line the embankments of the creek, creating a picturesque scene with their varying heights and arrangements. Unlike other ancient towns, there are no shops along the banks of the creek, rejecting the hustle and bustle of commercialism. Life here is serene, tranquil, and uncomplicated, offering a glimpse into the unique charm of mountainous ancient towns where simplicity and familial bonds create a harmonious atmosphere.

Scenic Beauty

scenic beauty of longmen ancient town hangzhou

The beauty of Longmen Ancient Town is encapsulated amidst the lush greenery of its mountains and the flowing waters of its streams. Backed by the majestic Longmen Mountain, with its towering peaks and dense forests, the town is cradled by the Longmen Creek, which originates from the Longmen Mountain waterfall, meandering through the village and joining the Yanxi River before flowing into the Fuchun River. The tranquil and aged Taipu Bridge and the centuries-old ancient camphor tree bear witness to the passage of time. Amidst this serene landscape, the melodic sound of flowing water accompanies the idyllic pastoral life, painting a harmonious picture, where nature and humanity merge seamlessly.

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