Longqing Gorge, Beijing – Ticket, Opening Hours, Highlights, and Tips

longqing gorge

Longqing Gorge (龙庆峡), also known as Longqingxia, is a scenic area located in the western suburb of Beijing, China. It is approximately 85 kilometers away from the city center and covers an area of 17 square kilometers. The gorge is formed by the Yanqing River running through the Taihang Mountains and features steep cliffs, crystal-clear water, and lush greenery.

Longqing Gorge is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike, particularly during the summer months when the cool water provides a refreshing escape from the heat. Visitors can take a boat ride along the river to admire the stunning scenery and enjoy the cool breeze. The area is also home to several attractions such as the Longqing Gorge Dam, the Guanyin Cave, and the Immortal Taoist Temple.

During the winter months, Longqing Gorge is transformed into a winter wonderland with the annual Longqing Gorge Ice and Snow Festival. Visitors can admire the breathtaking ice sculptures, enjoy winter sports such as ice skating and skiing, and experience the festive atmosphere of the season.

In addition to its natural beauty and cultural significance, Longqing Gorge is also known for its important role in providing water resources to Beijing. The Yanqing River serves as a major source of drinking water for the city, making the protection and preservation of the gorge and its ecosystem essential.

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Basic Information

Estimated Length of TourOver 3 hours
Ticket PriceAdmission: 40 RMB
Boat Ride: 100 RMB
Immortal Taoist Temple: 50 RMB
Toboggan Ride: 30 RMB
Opening Hours8.00 – 16.30 (15th April – 15th November)
14.00 – 22.00 (15th January – 28th February)
Telephone Number0086-010-69191020

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Location and Transportation

Longqing Gorge is nestled in the Taihang Mountains, which is a range that stretches across northern China. It is formed by the Yanqing River, which flows through the mountains and creates a deep, narrow canyon that is about 7.5 kilometers (4.7 miles) long. It is about 85 kilometers (53 miles) from the city center of Beijing and can be reached by car or bus in about one and a half to two hours, depending on traffic.

Bus: Take bus 919 at Deshengmen Transportation Hub (德胜门站), transfer to Y40 at Shiheying Stop (石河营站), get off at Longqing Gorge Cross Stop (龙庆峡路口站), and walk about 1.9 kilometers to the north to reach the entrance. The whole journey takes nearly 3 hours and costs 19 RMB.

Train: There are high-speed trains for Yanqing from Qinghe Train Station (清河火车站). After disembarking, it is only a short distance from the scenic area.

Guided tour: There are many travel agencies proving one-day tours to Longqing Gorge. You can ask the receptionist at your hotel for relevant information. This should be the most convenient way to get to the gorge.

Highlights of Longqing Gorge

Boat Cruise

boat cruise in longqing gorge

Taking a boat cruise along the Yanqing River is one of the most popular activities at Longqing Gorge in Beijing. Visitors can board a boat and travel through the narrow, steep-sided canyon while enjoying breathtaking views of the natural scenery. The boats are operated by skilled local boatmen who expertly navigate the river, taking passengers on a smooth and enjoyable ride. During the journey, visitors can marvel at the crystal-clear water, towering cliffs, and lush vegetation. The boat cruise is a peaceful and relaxing way to experience the beauty of Longqing Gorge and is suitable for visitors of all ages.

Ice and Snow Festival

ice and snow festival in longqing gorge

The Ice and Snow Festival is an annual winter event held in Longqing Gorge, Beijing. During the festival, the gorge is transformed into a winter wonderland with stunning ice sculptures and snow art displays. Visitors can admire the intricate and beautiful sculptures, which include replicas of famous landmarks, animals, and mythological creatures. In addition to the sculptures, there are also various winter sports activities available, such as ice-skating, skiing, and snow tubing.

Longqing Gorge Dam

longqing gorge dam

The Longqing Gorge Dam is an impressive hydroelectric power plant located in Yanqing District, Beijing. It spans the Yanqing River, which runs through the Longqing Gorge, and was completed in 1974. It has a height of 68 meters (223 feet) and a length of 233 meters (764 feet). The dam provides hydroelectric power to the region, and also plays an important role in flood control and irrigation. Visitors can take a walk along the top of the dam and enjoy the spectacular views of the gorge and surrounding mountains.

Flower Cave

flower cave in longqing gorge

The Flower Cave is a stunning limestone cave located in Longqing Gorge. It is named for the numerous stalactites and stalagmites that resemble beautiful flowers. The cave is approximately 400 meters long and features a well-lit path that visitors can follow to explore the cave’s unique formations. The cave is also home to underground lakes, waterfalls, and a variety of colorful rock formations that create a breathtaking and otherworldly atmosphere.

Immortal Taoist Temple

immortal taoist temple in longqing gorge

The Immortal Taoist Temple is a Taoist temple located at the entrance of Longqing Gorge in Beijing. It is dedicated to Laozi, the founder of Taoism, and features beautiful architecture and cultural relics. Visitors can explore the temple’s interior and admire the intricate carvings and decorations. The temple’s peaceful and serene atmosphere provides a welcome respite from the bustling city. Visitors can also witness the temple’s daily Taoist rituals, which include incense burning and prayer.

Longqing Gorge Bungee Jump

bungee jump in longqing gorge

Longqing Gorge also offers a thrilling bungee jumping experience for adventure seekers. The bungee jump site is located on a platform suspended above the Yanqing River, and offers a breathtaking view of the gorge. Participants will free-fall from a height of 68 meters (223 feet) before the bungee cord stretches and propels them back up. The jump provides an adrenaline-pumping rush and is suitable for experienced jumpers and first-timers alike. Safety equipment and professional guidance are provided, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience. Longqing Gorge bungee jump is an exciting and unforgettable way to experience the natural beauty and thrill of the area.

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Useful Tips Summarized from Reviews

Transportation and Entrance: Consider taking the shuttle bus from the entrance gate to the ticket checkpoint. The shuttle costs around 10 yuan per ride and covers a distance of approximately 1.5 kilometers.

Cable Car Access: Keep in mind that if you want to explore the mountainous areas, taking the cable car is necessary as it’s the only way to access certain parts of the gorge.

Boat Ride Experience: While the boat ride offers a refreshing experience during the summer months and showcases beautiful scenery, be aware that the duration of the boat ride is relatively short, around 15 minutes for a one-way trip. Despite the short duration, the boat ride is mandatory for entry into certain parts of the gorge.

Manage Expectations: Note that Longqing Gorge does not offer river rafting or opportunities to paddle your own boats. Adjust your expectations accordingly if you were hoping for such activities.

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