Park 1903, Kunming – Ticket, Opening Hours, Location, and Highlights

kunming park 1903

Park 1903 in Kunming (昆明公园1903) is an innovative landmark that combines cultural arts, entertainment, fashion trends, global cuisine, creative markets, family-friendly activities, and lifestyle experiences. Situated in Xishan District, Kunming, it is an entirely open commercial complex also known as Park Mall. This place blends Eastern and Western architectural aesthetics to create a space filled with artistic ambiance.

Park 1903 offers a rich array of facilities and diverse business formats. CGK Kunming Contemporary Art Museum provides art enthusiasts with a platform to appreciate and understand contemporary art. The French-style commercial street attracts visitors with its unique architectural style and romantic atmosphere. Duocai Market offers shopping experiences for visitors looking for cultural and handmade products, while Jingge Urban Boutique Outlets provide a wide selection of fashionable brands.

Furthermore, Park 1903 features the Gospel Hall, a unique building known for its simple lines and dignified style, making it a popular spot for photo opportunities. The Dream Federal Amusement Park offers families and children a joyful playground, while the Yunhu Music Fountain provides nightly spectacular musical fountain performances for visitors.

In terms of dining, Park 1903 boasts a diverse range of domestic and international cuisines, including Yunnan local dishes, Thai cuisine, Singaporean cuisine, and more. Prices vary from affordable to upscale, catering to different tastes and budget requirements of visitors.

Basic Information

Estimated Length of Tour1 – 2 hours
Ticket PriceFree
Opening Hours10.00 – 22.30
Telephone Number0086-0871-63851903

Location and Transportation

Park 1903 is located at No. 19 Qianwei West Road, Xishan District, Kunming City, Yunnan Province, on the eastern shore of Dianchi Lake. To get there, you can choose one of the following ways:

Bus: Take bus 73, 86, Z30, or Anning K2 and get off at Haiya Road Haihong Road Intersection Stop (海雅路口·海宏路站)

Metro: The closest metro station to Park 1903 is Yuhu Village (渔户村) on line 5. After getting out of the station from Exit D, walk about 1 kilometers to the norhest to reach the area.

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