Pingbaying National Forest Park – Ticket, Opening Hours, Location, and Highlights

pingbaying national forest park

Pingbaying National Forest Park (坪坝营国家森林公园), spanning 154 square kilometers in Enshi, boasts an average elevation of 1314 meters. The park is a haven of natural beauty, with 80,000 acres of pristine forests, 70,000 acres of man-made forests, and an additional 120,000 acres of untouched secondary forests, resulting in an impressive forest coverage of 96%. The park is characterized by its rich primitive atmosphere, composed of ancient, unique, exquisite, secluded, and wild landscapes. Open to the public are two key attractions: the northern latitude 30° area and the Four Caves Gorge, where subtle imprints of ancient civilizations meet the mystique of nature, creating a unique and captivating experience.

The park experiences a subtropical monsoon climate, marked by distinct seasons and concurrent rainfall and warmth. With an annual maximum temperature of 22°C, the park benefits from favorable natural conditions, resulting in a diverse distribution of vegetation and picturesque landscapes. Spring brings a burst of colorful flowers, summer offers refreshing and pleasant temperatures, autumn blankets the area in red foliage, and winter transforms the park into a snowy wonderland. Pingbaying National Forest Park promises a year-round retreat where visitors can immerse themselves in the beauty of nature’s changing seasons.

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Basic Information

Estimated Length of TourHalf a day
Ticket Price90 RMB
Cable Car60 RMB
Shuttle Bus30 RMB
Opening Hours8.30 – 16.30
Telephone Number0086-0718-6108666

Location and Transportation

Pingbaying National Forest Park is situated in the town of Pingbaying, Xianfeng County, Enshi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Hubei Province, in the southwest of China. Located in the southwestern part of Hubei Province, the park shares its western border with Chongqing Municipality.

To reach Pingbaying National Forest Park, travelers can take shuttle buses from Enshi’s Qingjiang Hotel or Wuyang Bus Station heading to Xianfeng County, covering a journey of approximately 100 kilometers with a fare of around 45 yuan. Upon arrival in Xianfeng County, local transportation options are available to reach the park directly.

Highlights of Pingbaying National Forest Park

Four Caves Gorge

four caves gorge in pingbaying national forest park

The Four Caves Gorge is located on the eastern side of Pingbaying National Forest Park in Enshi. Comprising four differently sized and shaped caves, this scenic area features a deep mountain gorge running through it. According to experts from China University of Geosciences, these caves began forming approximately 140 million years ago. The Four Caves Gorge stands as a remarkable geological relic, showcasing a typical medium-sized cave system and preserving valuable traces of an ancient underground river system.

This site seamlessly integrates mountains, water, caves, streams, springs, waterfalls, and pristine ecology. The gorge is characterized by turbulent rapids and roaring waterfalls. Walking on the 88-meter-long, 158-meter-high glass walkway, visitors stroll through the valley while witnessing clouds weave and swirl, creating an almost otherworldly experience.

The Four Caves Gorge is adorned with a diverse array of colors and countless postures of azalea flowers. The mountain stream’s crystal-clear and refreshing waters, the intertwining of light and shadow in the karst caves, the winding artificial walkways, and the grandeur of the “Heavenly Bridge” all contribute to a natural masterpiece that is both beautiful and mysterious. The Four Caves Gorge is a captivating destination where the forces of nature have crafted a scenic panorama, offering a blend of beauty and mystique.

The Northern Latitude 30° area

Northern Latitude 30° area in pingbaying national forest park

The Northern Latitude 30° area in Pingbaying National Forest Park is a showcase of pristine ecological features, offering a diverse and unique landscape. One of its highlights is the rare and expansive sightseeing cableway in Asia, spanning 800 meters unilaterally. Visitors can soar through the forest canopy, experiencing the thrill of gliding among the treetops. This area boasts an abundance of negative oxygen ions, exceeding 10,000 ions per cubic centimeter, often referred to as the “vitamins” and “longevity elements” in the air.

The landscape is characterized by colossal ancient trees, robust vines, thick layers of humus, fallen decaying trees, and scattered moss, embodying the five major features of the primitive forest. The Northern Latitude 30° area invites exploration into an untouched realm where the essence of original nature, with its grandeur and intricacies, unfolds at every turn.

Useful Tips Summarized from Reviews

Beware of Wildlife: Pay attention to the presence of wildlife in the area. During the off-peak season when there are fewer visitors, animals tend to roam freely. They may appear unexpectedly along the trails, so be cautious and prioritize safety.

Dining Options in Town: There are plenty of dining options in the town nearby. Consider trying local specialties like whole roasted lamb at a restaurant run by the innkeeper. Additionally, they offer regular dishes such as stir-fried vegetables and stews, which are also delicious.

Weather Considerations: The park maintains a relatively constant temperature of around 23 degrees Celsius throughout the year. It’s a great destination to escape the heat during hot summers, but remember to bring a jacket if visiting in October when temperatures may drop.

Pack Snacks: Prepare some snacks for your hike as there are only one or two snack stations midway through the hiking area.

Wear Comfortable Attire and Shoes: Opt for comfortable walking shoes and clothing suitable for hiking. You’ll be walking for approximately 3-4 hours, so prioritize comfort to enhance your experience.

Accommodation Options: If you plan to stay overnight, accommodations are available near the park entrance. These accommodations typically consist of forest cabins. Due to the high humidity in the area, the rooms may feel damp, so be prepared for this aspect of the lodging experience.

Other Attractions in Enshi Suburbs

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