Qianjiang City Grand Canyon – Ticket, Opening Hours, Location, and Highlights

qianjiang city grand canyon

Qianjiang City Grand Canyon (黔江城市大峡谷), showcasing a quintessential karst topography, is located at the convergence of Qianjiang’s main city areas – the central city, Xincheng Zhoubai, and Zhengyang. Spanning an impressive 3 kilometers and traversing seven geological epochs, it reaches a maximum depth of around 500 meters with an average depth of approximately 200 meters. This canyon seamlessly integrates mountains, caves, gorges, waterfalls, wetlands, forests, and geological wonders, creating a captivating landscape that distinguishes itself even from Europe’s renowned Luxembourg Canyon (approximately 100 meters wide and 60 meters deep). The Qianjiang City Grand Canyon stands as a testament to nature’s artistry, offering a unique blend of scenic beauty and geological marvels at the crossroads of Qianjiang’s major urban zones.

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Basic Information

Estimated Length of TourHalf a day
Ticket Price70 RMB
Opening Hours8.30 – 17.00; Last admission: 16.30
Telephone Number0086-023-79225066

Location and Transportation

Qianjiang City Grand Canyon is situated in the Chongqing’s Qianjiang District, specifically in the Zhoubai Street area. You can find the entrance along Xiajiang North Road, directly opposite Chongqing Tourism Vocational College.

To get there, tourists can take bus Qianjiang 202, Qianjiang 203, Qianjiang 204, Qianjiang 205, Qianjiang 207, Qianjiang 301, or Qianjiang Express 206, and get off at Tourism College Stop (旅游学院站).

Highlights of Qianjiang City Grand Canyon

Guanyin Gorge

guanyin gorge in qianjiang city grand canyon

Guanyin Gorge, the upper segment of the urban canyon exhibits distinctive karst topography. With peaks reaching an elevation of 1,100 meters, the gorge boasts an average depth of 200 meters and a maximum depth of 500 meters. Winding streams and precipitous cliffs characterize the canyon, with numerous caves dotting the mountainsides, creating an underground maze-like atmosphere. Notably, the cliff features a monumental 123-meter high carved statue of Guanyin, and along the banks of the gorge stands Guanyin Temple, adding a spiritual dimension to the natural beauty.

Guandu Gorge

guandu gorge in qiangjiang city grand canyon

Guandu Gorge marks the middle section of the urban canyon, distinguished by sheer cliffs and clear, tranquil river waters. A prominent attraction within the gorge is the “Oneline Sky,” where one can touch the shore rocks with an outstretched hand while gazing upward to a single stripe of sky, a breathtaking sight. Mysterious historical features, such as hanging coffins on cliffs and the remains of a water fortress atop a precipice, add an enigmatic allure. Along the gorge, notable scenic spots include the Alice Manor, the ancient town of Zhuoshui, and the “Naturally Born Three Bridges” in the hidden Puhua River.

Shengui Gorge

shengui gorge in qianjiang city grand gorge

Shengui Gorge, the lower portion of the urban canyon, derives its name from a mountain peak resembling a giant turtle at the mouth of the gorge. As the water follows the mountain’s contours, the scenery transforms with each turn. The gorge is renowned for its numerous stone gates, where massive rock walls rise abruptly in front of boats, seemingly blocking the way, only for the vessels to navigate another bend as if miraculously finding an escape route. The cliffs on both sides are predominantly made of limestone, exhibiting a weathered surface that turns white over time. The deep recesses display richer hues, occasionally adorned with clusters of shrubs. This picturesque setting offers an infinite expanse of beauty as boats traverse its waters.

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Useful Tips Summarized from Reviews

Timing and Transportation: It’s advisable to arrive early in the morning to avoid crowds and make the most of your visit. The uphill journey typically takes about an hour on foot, but visitors can also opt to take a sightseeing vehicle for convenience. The return journey is mostly downhill, which is less strenuous. It’s recommended to plan to conclude your visit by around 11:00 am to avoid excessive sun exposure and to ensure a comfortable experience.

Glass Skywalk and Scenic Views: Along the steep mountain walls, there are several sections of glass skywalks offering thrilling views of the canyon below. These glass walkways provide a unique perspective of the natural landscape and are a highlight of the visit.

Photography Opportunities: Throughout the canyon, you may encounter staff members dressed in traditional attire of the Miao and Tujia ethnic minorities. They provide excellent opportunities for photographs, allowing visitors to capture the cultural essence of the region.

Special Events: During the summer vacation period, there is an indoor circus carnival held in the canyon, which continues until September. Visitors can enjoy circus performances with multiple shows scheduled daily.

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