Sanshan Island, Suzhou – Ticket Price, Opening Hours, Location, and highlights

sanshan island suzhou

Sanshan Island (三山岛) is a captivating gem nestled in the serene embrace of Southeast Taihu Lake in Suzhou. Comprising of three distinct parts, it unveils a mesmerizing landscape that encapsulates history and legend. The largest section, known as Sanshan (Three Hills), encompasses the heart of the island, while the smaller segments, Zeshan (Ze Hill) and Jueshan (Jue Hill), complete the trio. Dominating the scenery is the main hill, soaring to an impressive height of 81.2 meters.

Steeped in folklore, Sanshan Island’s history dates back around 2400 years, to the late Chunqiu Era. The island’s enchanting narrative is intertwined with the tales of the three Wu sisters, with each sibling residing on one of these islands. This mythological connection adds an air of mystery and charm to the island, making it not just a physical marvel, but a place of mythical significance. With its picturesque beauty and mythical allure, Sanshan Island stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of natural wonder and cultural intrigue.

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Basic Information

Estimated Length of TourOver 4 hours
Ticket Price78 RMB
Opening Hours8.00 – 18.00
Telephone Number0086-0512-66373358

Location and Transportation

Sanshan Island is situated in the southeastern part of Taihu Lake, near the city of Suzhou in Jiangsu Province, China. Its geographical coordinates are approximately 31.2606° N latitude and 120.4992° E longitude. To get there, you can choose the following ways:

  • Take bus 629 or 624, get off at Changqi Dock Stop (长圻码头站), and transfer to a ferry to get to the center of the island.
  • Take bus 627, get off at Dongshan Zhuxiang Bridge Stop (东山朱巷桥站), and transfer to a ferry or yacht to get to the north of the island.

The ferry costs 20 RMB and takes about half an hour, while the yacht costs 280 RMB and takes about 5 minutes.

Highlights of Sanshan Island

Banbi Peak

banbi peak in sanshan island

Banbi Peak, a remarkable spectacle within Sanshan Island, stands as an awe-inspiring testament to nature’s artistry. This colossal limestone formation, soaring over 10 meters and spanning 20 meters in width with a thickness of 10 meters, commands the island’s zenith. Reminiscent of the meticulously crafted rockeries of Suzhou’s classical gardens, Banbi Peak is a masterpiece of nature, showcasing intricate patterns and textures etched over time. This towering marvel captivates with its resemblance to man-made creations, merging the realms of art and nature in a harmonious symphony.

Religious Sites

religious sits in sanshan island

Sanshan Island’s spiritual allure is accentuated by its revered religious sites. Niangniang Temple, founded over two millennia ago, pays homage to He Lv’s daughter, echoing the legacy of Wu state’s ancient king. The serene Qingquan Monastery is a bastion of devotion to Guanyin, complemented by a crystalline spring that bestows an ethereal atmosphere. Meanwhile, Guandi Temple venerates Guan Yu, the legendary paragon of loyalty from the Three Kingdoms Era. These sites unite history, myth, and reverence, enveloping Sanshan Island in a profound spiritual aura, inviting visitors to contemplate the island’s enduring connection to both human and divine realms.

Ancestral Halls

ancestral halls in sanshan island

The ancestral halls of Sanshan Island hold a treasured cultural legacy. The Qin Family’s Ancestral Hall, established in 1832, encompasses 134 square meters across 9 rooms. In the 1990s, it transformed into the Sanshan Museum, preserving heritage. The Xue family’s ancestral hall spans 240 square meters, distinguished by its stone composition that harmoniously fuses architecture and tradition. These halls serve as living embodiments of history, architecture, and customs, showcasing the island’s enduring connection to its past and the significance of preserving its cultural heritage.

Stone of Chinese Zodiac

stone of chinese zodiac in sanshan island

Nestled on the northern slopes of Xiaogu Hill, Sanshan Island boasts a captivating ensemble known as the Chinese zodiac stones. Encompassing a span of over 30 meters, part of these stones are submerged beneath the water’s embrace. Carved by the ceaseless caress of waves, they have assumed diverse forms, uncannily resembling iconic creatures of the Chinese zodiac, such as the tiger, dragon, horse, and mouse. This natural marvel weaves ancient symbolism with the island’s scenic grandeur, creating a fascinating fusion of cultural significance and geological artistry.

Sunrise and Sunset

sunrise and sunset in sanshan island

The sunrise and sunset on Sanshan Island paint a breathtaking spectacle, heightened by the expansive backdrop of Taihu Lake. As dawn breaks or day draws to a close, the horizon transforms into a canvas of hues, igniting the sky with vibrant shades. This awe-inspiring panorama possesses the power to momentarily suspend life’s worries, capturing hearts in a spell of tranquility. The interplay of light and water not only showcases nature’s splendor but also offers a therapeutic escape from daily tribulations. The harmonious dance of sunrise and sunset on the island fosters an unforgettable experience that soothes the soul.

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Useful Tips Summarized from Reviews

Boat Transportation: Sanshan Island is surrounded by water on all sides, and you need to take a boat to reach it. Boats depart from Changqi Pier (长圻码头), with a one-way ticket priced at 20 yuan per person. The earliest departure is at 9:00 AM, and the last one is around 6:00 PM, with approximately hourly intervals. Extra boats may be available during holidays.

Yacht Option if You Miss the Scheduled Boat: If you miss the scheduled boats, there’s an option to take a yacht, priced at 280 yuan per boat (can be shared among approximately 8 people).

Transportation on the Island: There are no cars on the island. You can explore the island by cycling or using electric bikes. Bicycle rentals are available at the pier or near guesthouses, providing a comfortable way to tour the island.

Tranquil Setting and Lack of Historical Attractions: Sanshan Island offers a tranquil and slow-paced environment. It may not be ideal for those seeking historical and cultural attractions.

Mosquitoes in November: Even in November, there might be mosquitoes on the island. It’s recommended to bring mosquito repellent to avoid bites.

Attractions near Sanshan Island

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