Shichahai Lake Ice Skating Rink – A popular winter attraction

shichahai lake ice skating rink

Shichahai Lake Ice Skating Rink is a popular winter attraction located in the heart of Beijing, China. It is built on the frozen surface of Shichahai Lake, which is surrounded by beautiful traditional Chinese architecture and modern buildings. The rink is open to the public from December to February each year, depending on the weather conditions.

The ice skating rink covers an area of approximately 1,000 square meters, making it one of the largest ice rinks in the city. Skaters of all levels can enjoy gliding across the ice while taking in the stunning views of the city skyline. The place is illuminated with colorful lights at night, creating a festive and romantic atmosphere that is perfect for a night out with family and friends.

Skate rentals and locker facilities are available on-site, making it easy for visitors to access the rink. For those who are new to ice skating, lessons are available for both individuals and groups. These lessons are taught by professional instructors who will teach visitors the basics of ice skating, as well as more advanced techniques for those who want to improve their skills.

In addition to ice skating, visitors can also enjoy a variety of traditional Chinese cultural activities and performances around the lake. Tea ceremonies, calligraphy, and Chinese knotting are just a few of the cultural activities that visitors can participate in. These activities provide a unique opportunity for visitors to learn about Chinese culture and traditions.

There are also numerous restaurants, cafes, and shops around the lake, making it a perfect destination for a day or evening out. Visitors can enjoy a delicious meal or a hot drink while taking in the beautiful views of the lake and the surrounding architecture.

Overall, Shichahai Lake Ice Skating Rink is a unique and exciting winter activity that offers visitors a chance to experience the beauty of Beijing while enjoying a fun and exhilarating sport.

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