Shili Langdang Hiking Trail – Location and Highlights

shili langdang hiking trail

The Shili Langdang Hiking Trail (十里琅珰), also known as Langdang Ridge, is a classic route for hiking enthusiasts in Hangzhou. The name “Shili Langdang” originates from ancient times, referring to a ridge to the west of Longjing Village, northeast of Meijiawu Village, and east of Tianzhu Mountain. Nowadays, the term “Langdang Ridge” commonly refers to the hilly terrain from Wuyun Mountain in the south to Tianzhu Mountain in the north.

This area was historically traversed by vendors carrying goods from the banks of the Qiantang River to Longjing and Lingyin, giving rise to the trail’s name due to the sound of their loads clinking and clanging. Moreover, the trail stretches approximately 9448 meters, earning its name “Shili Langdang” (Shili being an ancient Chinese unit of length).

The geological landscape of Langdang Ridge is primarily limestone, forming a picturesque mountainous scenery with peaks and lush forests. It stands out as the highest and longest ridge among the mountains surrounding West Lake, with an average elevation of over 200 meters. The panoramic views along the trail are breathtaking, encompassing bamboo groves, tea plantations, and dense forests. One notable attraction is a more than 1400-year-old ginkgo tree, adding to the charm of the landscape, especially during the autumn season.

The ancient path of Shili Langdang still retains its original route and traditional ground paving, making it a beloved classic hiking trail among the mountains surrounding West Lake. The trailhead is located in Longjing Village, accessible by taking bus routes 27 or 87 to Longjing Teahouse. From there, hikers can start their journey, heading south to Wuyun Mountain by the banks of the Qiantang River or north to Lingyin and Tianzhu.

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