Shuangta Mountain, Chengde – Ticket Price, Opening Hours, Location, and Highlights

Shuangta mountain chengde

Nestled amidst the southwestern mountains of Chengde, two colossal rock pillars stand side by side, resembling pagodas, with brick towers atop each peak, giving rise to the name Shuangta Mountain (双塔山), or Twin Pagodas Mountain. Legend has it that these two structures are ancient tomb pagodas from the Liao Dynasty, boasting a history spanning over a millennium. They represent some of the oldest surviving architecture in the Chengde region. In 1998, when the scenic area was first developed, a spiral iron ladder was constructed to allow visitors to ascend to the mountain’s summit. Unfortunately, due to its potential harm to the historical relics, the ladder was later dismantled.

Shuangta Mountain is renowned as one of Chengde’s famous peaks, surrounded by picturesque landscapes. The winding Luan River flows eastward from the rear mountains, and the area is adorned with lush flowers and trees. During the Qing Dynasty, emperors such as Kangxi, Qianlong, and Jiaqing, along with eminent scholars and military figures, frequented the mountain, leaving behind literary works to commemorate their visits.

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Basic Information

Estimated Length of Tour2 – 3 hours
Ticket Price50 RMB
Cable CarOne-Way: 30 RMB
Round: 50 RMB
Opening Hours7.30 – 18.00; Last admission: 17.40 (1st May – 9th October)
8.00 – 17.00; Last admission: 16.10 (10th October – 30th April the next year)
AreaAbout 3000 hectares, the largest natural scenic area in Chengde
Telephone Number0086-0314-4301575

Location and Transportation

Shuangta Mountain is nestled within the enchanting city of Chengde, located in the Hebei Province of northeastern China. This captivating mountain is about 10 kilometers to the southwest of Chengde Mountain Resort, a UNESCO World Heritage site renowned for its fusion of natural beauty and historical significance.

To get there, tourists can take bus 15 or 52 and get off at Shuangta Mountain Scenic Area Stop (双塔山风景区站).

Highlights of Shuangta Mountain

Twin Pagodas

twin pagodas in shuangta mountain

The Twin Pagodas of Shuangta Mountain, Chengde, stand as exquisite architectural gems from the Liao Dynasty over 1300 yeas ago. The southern peak’s brick tower faces north and stands at a height of over 5 meters. It is square-shaped, with sides measuring more than 2 meters in length. The tower’s entrance is approximately 1.5 meters high and 1.3 meters wide, with wooden brackets placed at each corner, supporting iron rods that hold hanging copper bells. The walls on the east, west, and south sides are made of blue bricks with compressed seams, while the north wall has neatly aligned seams. Remarkably, before 1976, the north wall exhibited significant cracks, reaching a width of more than 20 centimeters. However, following the Tangshan earthquake, instead of collapsing, the brick tower miraculously fused back together, showcasing a mystical resilience.

Pavilions and Temples

pavilions and temples in shuangta mountain

Shuangta Mountain’s pavilions and temples, nestled amid its scenic beauty in Chengde, emanate an aura of spirituality and historical significance. Adorned with intricate carvings, these structures offer a window into China’s rich heritage. The pavilions, positioned thoughtfully along tranquil paths, provide resting spots with panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. Temples, with their ornate architecture, invite reflection and exploration. The harmonious blend of cultural and natural elements resonates through these sites, offering visitors a spiritual journey amidst the lush surroundings.

Photography Opportunities

photographic oppotunites in shuangta mountain

Shuangta Mountain in Chengde is a photographer’s haven, offering captivating vistas that blend cultural marvels and natural beauty. The Twin Pagodas, adorned with intricate details, provide striking focal points against serene lakes and lush landscapes. The interplay of light and shadow creates ever-changing scenes, ideal for capturing moments of tranquility. Hiking trails unveil panoramic viewpoints, inviting shots of expansive vistas. Historic carvings and tranquil temples offer intimate compositions. Whether framing architectural intricacies or capturing the mountain’s serene allure, Shuangta Mountain presents a canvas where photographers can artistically weave history, spirituality, and nature into captivating imagery.

Vlog about Shuangta Mountain

Useful Tips Summarized from Reviews

Location and Accessibility: Shuangta Mountain is located 17 kilometers from the Bishu Shanzhuang (Summer Resort), 19 kilometers from Putuo Zongcheng Temple, and 19 kilometers from Chengde Museum.

Walking Routes: The mountain offers both main roads and side trails. It is recommended to explore both sides. If you prefer a leisurely pace, explore the left side for water features. For a pure hiking experience, explore the right side. The landscapes on both sides are exceptionally beautiful.

Monkey Presence: Be cautious of monkeys in the area. While they add to the natural charm of the mountain, it’s essential to prioritize safety and refrain from feeding them.

Winter Considerations: During the winter season, there is no cable car service available. Cable cars are only operational during the summer.

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