Song Dynasty town (Songcheng Park) Hangzhou – Ticket, Opening Hours, Location, and Highlights

song dynasty town hangzhou

Songcheng Park, also known as the Song Dynasty Town (杭州宋城), is a captivating recreation of the Song Dynasty’s architectural and cultural splendor located in Hangzhou, China. This cultural theme park meticulously follows the style depicted in the long scroll painting “Along the River During the Qingming Festival” by the Northern Song Dynasty artist Zhang Zeduan. The construction adheres to the guidelines outlined in the Song Dynasty’s architectural treatise, “Yingzao Fashi,” faithfully restoring the urban landscape of the Song era.

As the first thematic park in Hangzhou to embody the cultural essence of both the Northern and Southern Song dynasties, Songcheng Park attracts over 10 million visitors annually. The main attraction is the grand spectacle, “Songcheng Eternal Love,” often hailed as the soul of the park. Regarded alongside Las Vegas’ “O Show” and Paris’ Moulin Rouge, it is acclaimed as one of the “World’s Three Great Shows.”

The park boasts twenty theaters hosting a myriad of performances, including “The Great Earthquake,” “Phantom,” “WA! Dinosaurs,” “Captain Cook,” “Battle of Sanggan River,” “Cliff Concert,” “Yan Qing’s Challenge,” “The Beauties’ Trial,” “Throwing Embroidered Balls,” “Guo Zhuang,” “Flash Mob,” and numerous others, offering a diverse and immersive experience of Song Dynasty culture and entertainment.

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Basic Information

Estimated Length of TourHalf a day
Ticket PriceAuditorium: 320 RMB
Vip Area: 350 RMB
Sofa Area: 580 RMB
Opening HoursFrom 10.00 am to half an hour after the end of the show
Telephone Number0086-0571-87313101

Location and Transportation

Song Dynasty Town is located at 148 ZhiJiang Road, within the ZhiJiang Tourism and Holiday Resort in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China, near the Zhijiang Branch of Zhejiang Provincial Museum. To get there, you can choose one of the following ways:

Bus: Take bus 4, 39, 121, 308, 1314 or 8202 and get off at Songcheng Stop (宋城站)

Metro: The closest metro station to Song Dynasty Town is Zhipu Road (之浦路) on line 6. After getting out of the station from Exit A, walk or take a taxi to cover the remaining 1.8 kilometers.

Highlights of Song Dynasty Town

song dynasty town hangzhou 2

At the heart of this park lies the grand spectacle, “Songcheng Eternal Love.” Utilizing cutting-edge audiovisual technologies, stage mechanics, and special effects, this performance vividly portrays the hardships of ancient Liangzhu people, the splendor of the Song imperial palace, the tragic tales of Yue Fei’s army, and the classic love stories of “Liang Zhu” and “Legend of the White Snake.”

The breathtaking live show, “Lijiang Love Song,” narrates the love story between Abuda, a Tibetan young man, and Gajimi, a Naxi girl, showcasing their romantic journey.

Visitors can engage with the 5D live drama, “The Great Earthquake,” which recreates scenes from the devastating 5.12 Wenchuan earthquake. Participants assume roles such as nurses, soldiers, or firefighters, participating in quake relief efforts.

In the war drama, “Yingshan Red,” cutting-edge sound, light, and stage techniques are employed to recreate war scenes. Visitors walk through the path of the Long March, experiencing the revolutionary fervor of the Red Army soldiers.

The “Along the River During the Qingming Festival” movie theater breathes life into this ancient scroll through technological marvels. Spanning nearly 200 square meters, dynamic scenes depict bustling canal transport, vibrant street markets, serene courtyards, and the changing day-night rhythms, showcasing the urban life of the Song Dynasty.

The “Startling Steps Ghost House,” inspired by the forensic manual “Xiyuan Lu” from the Song era, uses lighting control, mechanics, and sound systems to create an eerie atmosphere.

The “Strange Street” is constructed based on Emperor Song Gaozong’s dreams, featuring tilted houses, upside-down structures, and hidden homes. Each house within the street hosts bizarre occurrences and unexpected, surreal phenomena.

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