Statues in Fengdu Ghost City

Statues in Fengdu Ghost City

Fengdu Ghost City, located in Chongqing Municipality, China, is a famous tourist attraction known for its eerie and mystical statues and sculptures that are deeply rooted in Chinese folklore and mythology. These statues play a crucial role in the cultural and spiritual significance of the site, which is often associated with the afterlife and the journey of the soul.

Here are some of the key statues you can find in Fengdu Ghost City:

The Ghost King (Yanluo Wang): One of the central figures in Fengdu Ghost City is the Ghost King, who is believed to be the ruler of the underworld in Chinese mythology. The statue of the Ghost King is often depicted with a stern expression and a long, flowing beard, wearing royal attire. Visitors often pay their respects to this statue as they enter the city.

Statues of Tortured Souls: Throughout the city, you will encounter various statues depicting souls being subjected to different forms of punishment and torment. These statues are a representation of the Chinese belief in the concept of the afterlife, where one’s actions in life are judged, and their fate in the afterlife is determined accordingly.

Bridge of Helplessness: A prominent feature in Fengdu Ghost City is the Bridge of Helplessness, also known as the Bridge of Naihe. This bridge is believed to connect the mortal realm to the afterlife. On this bridge, visitors can see statues of officials who assess the deeds of the deceased. Depending on their judgment, souls are either allowed to cross the bridge to the afterlife or are sent back to be reincarnated.

Statues of Mythical Creatures: Fengdu Ghost City is also adorned with statues of various mythical creatures and demons from Chinese folklore. These creatures are said to guard the city and help maintain order in the underworld.

Sculptures Depicting the Ten Courts of Hell: There are sculptures illustrating the ten courts of hell, each responsible for judging different aspects of a person’s life and assigning appropriate punishments or rewards.

The Tower of Last Glance: At the highest point in Fengdu Ghost City stands the Tower of Last Glance, where visitors can look back at the mortal realm one final time before continuing their journey into the afterlife. The tower itself is an impressive architectural structure.

Various Other Statues: You’ll also find a variety of other statues and sculptures scattered throughout the city, each with its unique story or symbolism related to the afterlife and Chinese mythology.

Visiting Fengdu Ghost City offers not only an opportunity to admire these fascinating statues but also a chance to explore Chinese beliefs and traditions regarding death, the afterlife, and the journey of the soul. It’s a place where art, culture, and spirituality intersect in a unique and intriguing way.

Other facts about Fengdu Ghost City:

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