Tangxun Lake, Wuhan – Location and Highlights

tangxun lake wuhan

Tangxun Lake (汤逊湖), located in the southern part of Wuhan City in Hubei Province, China, is a picturesque water body spanning an area of 47.6 square kilometers. It stands out as the largest urban lake in Asia, surpassing Donghu Lake by an additional 15 square kilometers. Steeped in history, the lake was once home to two families with the surnames Tang and Sun. These communities thrived by the lakeside, relying on fishing as their primary livelihood, leading to the lake being named Tangsun Lake, later changed to Tangxun Lake.

At the heart of Tangxun Lake is a 2-square-kilometer peninsula, around which a comprehensive plan unfolds, encompassing approximately 15,000 acres of water surface. The overarching goal of this plan is to transform Tangxun Lake into three distinct zones, each serving a unique purpose.

Location and Transportation

Tangxun Lake is situated in the Jiangxia District, Hongshan District, and Donghu High-tech Development Zone of Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China. Its southeastern border is adjacent to the Zhi Fang urban area in Jiangxia District, while to the north, it is bordered by the Third Ring Road of Wuhan City and Huazhong Agricultural University. The western side is defined by Cultural Avenue, and to the east, Tangxun Lake is traversed by Jiangxia Avenue.

There are numerous bus stops and metro stations around the lake, but the closest one to the city center is Xinlucun (新路村) on line 7.

Different Zones

The “Rural Tourism” Zone comprises essential amenities such as parking lots, green squares, a fishing center, and the Harbor Garden. The “Water Sports and Recreation” Zone covers an expansive 666-hectare water area, emphasizing the combination of tourism and competitive sports. It features areas dedicated to speedboat racing, rowing centers, and swimming pools. The “Summer Retreat and Leisure” Zone spans 10,000 square meters, offering a mix of facilities such as a business center, office buildings, a news center, a shopping mall on the ground floor, swimming pools, professional athlete training, a fitness center, and a ground floor leisure bar. While interconnected, each zone retains its relative independence, creating a harmonious blend of natural beauty and recreational amenities. Tangxun Lake also emerges as an excellent location to witness breathtaking sunsets. As evening falls, the lake reflects the hues of the setting sun, creating a stunning panorama.

Ancient Temples and Shrines

A leisurely stroll along the shores of Tangxun Lake unveils ancient temples and shrines, standing as witnesses to the passage of time. For instance, the Dragon King Temple, filled with the fragrance of burning incense, sees people praying for clear skies, while the Hongshan Temple opposite it records centuries of history. The temple’s ancient trees bear witness to the imprint of bygone eras.

Delicious Food

One of Tangxun Lake’s distinctive features is its fresh fish, with specialties such as sour cabbage fish and steamed perch tantalizing the taste buds. The tender and flavorful fish, along with various preparations of shrimp, crab, clams, and catfish, showcase the natural harmony of the lake’s bounty.

Cultural Performance

Moreover, Tangxun Lake regularly hosts a variety of large-scale cultural performances, ancient mysterious ceremonies, fireworks displays, masquerade balls, bonfire parties, and folk entertainments, drawing the admiration of a wide range of visitors. The cultural richness and natural beauty make Tangxun Lake a multifaceted destination that appeals to both locals and tourists seeking a blend of history, leisure, and entertainment. As Tangxun Lake celebrates its unique blend of tradition and modernity on its first anniversary, it continues to stand as a testament to the vibrant tapestry of Wuhan’s cultural and natural heritage.

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