Three-Day Shiyan Itinerary

Three-Day Shiyan Itinerary

Embark on a comprehensive journey through the picturesque landscapes of Shiyan, Hubei Province, marvel at the scenic beauty of Wudang Mountain, immerse yourself in the profound culture of Taoism, and admire the tranquil lake and mountains reminiscent of a “mini Pacific Ocean.” Relax amidst the forested hills and myriad springs of Taiji Gorge.

Day One: Wudang Mountain

Route: After breakfast, embark on a journey to Wudang Mountain. Visit the Transfer Hall, Taihe Palace, Worship Hall, Purple Gold City, and Lingguan Hall. At the summit of Tianzhu Peak, standing at an elevation of 1612 meters, behold the ancient Golden Palace. Proceed to the best-preserved palace in Wudang Mountain, the Purple Cloud Palace (紫霄宫). Explore the Dragon and Tiger Hall, Worship Hall, Purple Dawn Hall, and the Hall of Parents.

Dining: Savor the unique vegetarian cuisine of Wudang Mountain, blending the essence of Buddhist and Taoist vegetarian cooking. Enjoy the authentic flavors at Purple Cloud Palace and Taihe Palace.

Accommodation: It is recommended to return to Danjiangkou city for accommodation after afternoon sightseeing. There are plenty of hotels available in the city, making it convenient for travelers.

Day Two: Danjiangkou Reservoir

Route: Danjiangkou Reservoir, located within the territories of Danjiangkou City, covers an area of 700 square kilometers when the water level is at 155 meters. Known as the “Mini Pacific Ocean” of Asia, it showcases a splendid array of scenes with the interplay of sunlight, water, mountains, clouds, and sail shadows. After breakfast, embark on a boat tour of Danjiang Canglang Lake to admire the source of the South-North Water Diversion Project. In the afternoon, visit the Danjiangkou Hydraulic Hub, including the dam and power plant.

Dining: Danjiangkou Reservoir boasts rich biodiversity. Enjoy the local specialty of steamed Wuchang fish. There are many farmhouse restaurants in the area, and dining options are also available on the cruise.

Day Three: Taiji Gorge Scenic Area

Route: Located southeast of Danjiangkou Reservoir, and Overlooking Wudang Mountain, Taiji Gorge boasts a unique geographical location, stunning landscapes, and simple local customs, making it exceptionally charming. After breakfast, explore the 38-square-kilometer area of lush mountains and clear waters. Key attractions include Taiji Gorge, Longdenglong Hill, Panlong Cave, Niangniang Cave, Jiulong Bridge, Jiulong Lake, Dabai Ridge, Bandao Well, Dangzeikou, and Damacao. Relax and unwind, concluding your journey with a perfect punctuation mark.

Dining: It is advisable to bring your own food and water.

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