Tianmu Lake, Liyang – Ticket, Opening Hours, Location, and highlights

tianmu lake

Tianmu Lake (天目湖), located in the city of Liyang, Changzhou, is a hidden treasure nestled in the Tianmu Mountain range, hence its name “Tianmu Lake.” The southern part of the lake boasts a depth of around 4 to 5 meters, while the northern region reaches depths of approximately 10 to 14 meters. Tianmu Lake is often celebrated as the “Pearl of Jiangnan” and a “Green Paradise,” covering a vast 300-square-kilometer ecological protection zone. This area is home to two nationally recognized large reservoirs, Sand Lake and Daxi Reservoir, making it one of Jiangsu Province‘s first ecological tourism demonstration areas.

Surrounded by lush green hills, Tianmu Lake is dotted with numerous islands, clear waters, and stunning vistas. Visitors can explore its beauty by taking boat tours, hiking through bamboo forests, indulging in hot springs, and during the spring and summer seasons, enjoying various water-based recreational activities. A trip to Tianmu Lake is a relaxing and family-friendly experience.

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Basic Information

Estimated Length of Tour1 day
Ticket PriceAdmission (including the Marine World): 120 RMB
Admission + Boat Cruise: 180 RMB
Combined Ticket for Tianmu Lake and Nanshan Bamboo Forest: 270 RMB
Opening Hours8.00 – 17.30 (1st May – 30th September)
8.00 – 17.00 (1st October – 30th April the next year)
Telephone Number0086-400-188-8588

Location and Transportation

Tianmu Lake is situated approximately eight kilometers south of the city of Liyang in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, China. The specific address for Tianmu Lake is 1 Huanhu East Road, Liyang City. To get there, you can take bus Liyang 25, Liyang 295, or Liyang 9, and get off at Tianmu Lake Jinfeng Resort Hotel Stop (天目湖金峰度假酒店站).

Highlights of TIanmu Lake

Historical Sites

historical sites in tianmu lake

Tianmu Lake and its surroundings host a plethora of historical and cultural relics. The region includes the Wuyuanshan mountain, named after Wuzixu, a figure from the Spring and Autumn period. It also houses the Eastern Han Dynasty scholar Cai Yong’s Reading Platform, the Taibai Tower, the Bao’en Temple, the ancient site of the Longxing Temple, which was a renowned Tang Dynasty Buddhist temple, and the “Number One Stone Arch Dam in the World.”

Huli Mountain (Mountain in the lake)

huli mountain in tianmu lake

Huli Mountain showcases the unique historical and cultural landscapes of Liyang, focusing on themes such as filial piety culture, scholar culture, and unique stone culture. This island, located in the middle of the lake, covers an area of over 200 acres and houses the Zhuangyuan Pavilion and Stone Museum. Inside the scenic area, lush bamboo and wood thrive, winding stone steps lead to pavilions and towers that dot the lakeside. Strolling through this area, you can appreciate the picturesque lake and mountain views.

Marine World

marine world in tianmu lake

Tianmu Lake Marine World, covering an area of over 1,000 square meters, is divided into six major zones. These zones are dedicated to three main themes: world freshwater fish, marine wonders, and the local ecology of Tianmu Lake. Marine World seamlessly combines marine life, educational content, entertainment, and cultural experiences to offer visitors a holistic and interactive experience. It creates a warm, familiar, and enjoyable marine environment, conveying a new marine culture spirit and advocating for ecological harmony and environmental protection.

China Tea Island

Chinese tea island in tianmu lake

On China Tea Island, you can actively engage in the process of tea harvesting and production. The essence of Chinese tea culture and the legacy of Liyang white tea can be explored in the China Tea Cultural Garden and Tianxia White Tea. Here, you can savor the rich history and flavors of Liyang white tea. Additionally, you can take a stroll through the tea village streets, learn the local tea village dialect, appreciate the pastoral charm of the 1970s and 1980s, experience the simple folk life of Liyang, and enjoy its tea culture.

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Useful Tips Summarized from Reviews

Limited Educational Content: The educational content development in the Tianmu Lake scenic area, especially regarding the Butterfly Pavilion, is criticized as poor. The promised live butterflies are replaced by specimens. The only decent spot is the small marine museum near the entrance, but it’s quite small.

Consider Physical Stamina: For those with limited physical stamina, it’s advisable to skip mountain climbing activities as it can be quite exhausting.

Recommended Boat Tour: The boat tour within the park is highly recommended as a must-try activity. Dragon Island (Longxing Island), situated at a higher altitude and providing a panoramic view of Tianmu Lake, can only be reached by boat.

Comfortable Attire and Footwear: It’s essential to wear comfortable, loose-fitting pants and well-fitting athletic shoes. The paths around the lake are mostly gravel, and some areas can be a bit steep. Proper attire ensures a more comfortable exploration.

Attractions near Tianmu Lake

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