UCCA Center for Contemporary Art – Ticket, Opening Hours, HIghlights, and Tips

ucca center for contemporary art in beijing

The UCCA Center for Contemporary Art (尤伦斯当代艺术中心), located in Beijing, China, is a dynamic and influential institution that stands at the forefront of the country’s thriving contemporary art scene. Established in 2007, UCCA has emerged as a leading platform for the exhibition, research, and promotion of contemporary art and culture.

Spread across a vast space in the heart of Beijing’s 798 Art District, UCCA showcases a diverse range of artworks, installations, and performances by both established and emerging artists from China and around the world. With its commitment to fostering dialogue and experimentation, UCCA presents thought-provoking exhibitions that reflect the cultural, social, and political landscapes of our time.

Beyond its exhibition program, UCCA offers an array of educational initiatives, including workshops, lectures, and symposiums, aimed at engaging audiences of all ages and backgrounds. By facilitating meaningful encounters with contemporary art, UCCA seeks to stimulate critical thinking and creative expression within the community.

UCCA has played a pivotal role in promoting Chinese contemporary art on a global scale, hosting traveling exhibitions and collaborating with international institutions. Its cutting-edge curatorial team continuously curates innovative shows that push boundaries and challenge conventional notions of art, ensuring a vibrant and ever-evolving cultural experience for visitors.

As a beacon of creativity, UCCA Center for Contemporary Art in Beijing serves as a meeting point for artists, scholars, and art enthusiasts, contributing to the rich artistic discourse and shaping the future of contemporary art in China and beyond.

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Basic Information

Estimated Length of TourAbout 2 hours
Ticket PriceThe price varies according to the specific exhibition but generally stands at 100 RMB.
Opening Hours10.00 – 19.00; Last admission: 18.30
Closed on Mondays
Telephone Number0086-010-57800200

Location and Transportation

The UCCA Center for Contemporary Art is located in Beijing, China, specifically in the renowned 798 Art District, a former industrial area that has been transformed into a vibrant hub for contemporary art and culture. The exact address is No. 4 Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100015, China. To get there, you can choose the following ways:

Bus: Take bus 401, 405, 418, 445, 988, or 991, get off at Wangyefen Stop (王爷坟), and walk about 400 meters to the east to reach the center.

Metro: The nearest metro station ot the UCCA Center for Contemporary Art is Wangjing South (望京南) on line 14. After getting out of the station from Exit A, walk about 800 meters to the northeast to reach the center.

Highlights of the UCCA Center


exhibitions in ucca center for contemporary art

The UCCA Center for Contemporary Art in Beijing consistently offers a diverse range of compelling exhibitions that showcase the forefront of contemporary art. From solo shows by renowned artists to thematic group exhibitions, each exhibition at UCCA presents a unique artistic narrative and exploration. The center’s exhibition program covers a broad spectrum of mediums, including painting, sculpture, photography, video art, installations, and performance art. With its commitment to fostering creativity, critical thinking, and cultural exchange, UCCA’s exhibitions serve as platforms for engaging with cutting-edge artistic practices, addressing important societal issues, and provoking thought-provoking conversations within the contemporary art world.

Architectural Space

architectural space in ucca center for contemporary art

The architectural space of the UCCA Center for Contemporary Art in Beijing is a captivating blend of industrial heritage and modern design. Housed within a converted factory building in the iconic 798 Art District, the center offers expansive galleries with soaring ceilings, industrial details, and open courtyards that infuse the space with a unique character. The architectural layout provides a versatile environment for showcasing diverse contemporary artworks and allows for innovative exhibition designs. The combination of industrial aesthetics, natural light, and spaciousness creates an immersive and dynamic setting that enhances the overall artistic experience for visitors, making it a truly memorable space for engaging with contemporary art.

Public Programs

public programs in ucca center for contemporary art

The UCCA Center for Contemporary Art in Beijing hosts a rich array of engaging public programs that complement its exhibitions and foster a deeper understanding of contemporary art. These programs include artist talks, panel discussions, workshops, screenings, performances, and educational initiatives for all ages. Through these events, UCCA provides opportunities for visitors to interact with artists, curators, and scholars, gaining insights into artistic processes, ideas, and cultural contexts. The diverse range of public programs encourages dialogue, critical thinking, and exploration of various artistic disciplines, ensuring a vibrant and inclusive platform for artistic exchange and community engagement within the contemporary art scene.

Tour Tips

Plan Sufficient Time: UCCA houses multiple galleries and often hosts diverse exhibitions, so allocate sufficient time to explore the artworks at a relaxed pace. Consider spending at least a couple of hours to fully immerse yourself in the artistic offerings.

Guided Tours and Audio Guides: UCCA offers guided tours and audio guides that provide insightful commentary and background information on the exhibitions. Consider joining a guided tour or renting an audio guide to gain a deeper understanding of the artworks and the curatorial intentions behind them.

Attend Public Programs: UCCA regularly organizes public programs such as artist talks, panel discussions, and workshops. Check their schedule in advance and consider attending these events to engage with artists, curators, and scholars, and gain valuable insights into contemporary art practices.

Explore the Surroundings: While visiting UCCA, take the opportunity to explore the surrounding 798 Art District. This creative hub is home to numerous galleries, shops, cafes, and restaurants. You can immerse yourself in the vibrant art scene and indulge in local cuisine and shopping.

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