Wanlong Ski Resort – Ticket Price, Opening Hours, Location, and Highlights

wanlong ski resort

Wanlong Ski Resort (万龙滑雪场) stands as a pristine winter paradise nestled in the heart of the Chongli region in China. Renowned for its world-class skiing and snowboarding facilities, Wanlong offers an exhilarating blend of natural beauty and top-notch amenities. With its meticulously groomed slopes, ranging from beginner-friendly to expert-level trails, the resort caters to all skill levels.

Visitors are treated to breathtaking panoramic views of snow-capped peaks while indulging in a myriad of winter activities. The resort boasts modern infrastructure, including state-of-the-art lifts and cozy accommodations, ensuring a seamless and comfortable experience for guests.

Wanlong Ski Resort’s welcoming atmosphere extends beyond its slopes, featuring charming alpine villages, delectable cuisine, and a vibrant après-ski scene. Its dedication to providing an unforgettable winter getaway, coupled with its stunning surroundings, firmly establishes Wanlong Ski Resort as a premier destination for snow enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

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Basic Information

Estimated Length of Tour1 day
Ticket PriceFor exprienced skier:
1 day: 550 RMB
4 hours: 385
For beginners:
1 day in weekends: 400 RMB
1 day in weekdays: 320 RMB
Opening Hours9.00 – 21.00
Telephone Number0086-0313-4785111

Location and Transportation

Wanlong Ski Resort is strategically situated in the enchanting Chongli region, a snow-laden wonderland located in Hebei Province, China. Nestled amid the awe-inspiring mountains and picturesque landscapes, Chongli has gained prominence as a premier destination for winter sports and outdoor enthusiasts. Its proximity to Beijing, the capital city of China (249 kilometers), makes it easily accessible, just a few hours’ drive away.

To get there, tourists without a car from Beijing can first take a high-speed train to Chongli Taizicheng Railway Station (崇礼太子城火车站) and then transfer to a shuttle bus or taxi to cover the remaining 14.6 kilometers.

Tourists from other cities can first fly to Zhangjiakou Ningyuan Airport (张家口宁远机场) and then transfer to a coach to get to the resort, which is about 64 kilometers away.

Timetable of High-Speed Trains from Beijing to Taizicheng

Train No.Departure StationDeparture TimeArrival TimeDurationCost
D6711Beijing North Train Station7.479.191 hour 32 minutes71 RMB
D6713Beijing North Train Station11.4613.071 hour 21 minutes79 RMB
D6715Beijing Qinghe Train Station15.3016.421 hour 12 minutes74 RMB
D6716Beijing Qinghe Train Station19.0120.071 hour 6 minutes67 RMB

Highlights of Wanlong Ski Resort

Diverse Terrain

diverse terrain in wanlong ski resort

Wanlong Ski Resort boasts a captivating variety of terrain across its snow-covered expanse. From gentle slopes designed for beginners to challenging descents that thrill experts, the resort caters to every skill level. Novices can confidently learn the ropes, while seasoned enthusiasts can conquer exhilarating runs. Wide-open groomers invite cruisers, while tree-lined trails offer an element of adventure. Terrain parks cater to freestyle skiers and snowboarders, ensuring a dynamic experience for all. Wanlong’s diverse landscape, framed by stunning mountain vistas, guarantees an exhilarating and rewarding journey for snow enthusiasts seeking excitement and progression on the slopes.

Apres-Ski Delights

apres-ski delights in wanlong ski resort

After the thrill of the slopes, Wanlong Ski Resort continues to enchant with its captivating après-ski delights. Rustic lodges and cozy chalets provide the perfect ambiance to unwind and relish local delicacies. Savor warm beverages by crackling fireplaces or indulge in hearty meals that satisfy post-adventure appetites. The resort’s vibrant après-ski scene comes alive as day turns into night, offering live entertainment, socializing, and a chance to share tales of the day’s conquests. Whether you’re seeking relaxation or lively festivities, Wanlong’s après-ski offerings create cherished moments, making the resort experience an all-encompassing winter retreat.

Family-Friendly Activities

family-friendly activities in wanlong ski resort

Wanlong Ski Resort stands as an inviting haven for families, promising a delightful winter escape. With its thoughtful amenities and enchanting atmosphere, it’s the ideal family-friendly destination. From dedicated beginner areas for the little ones to ski schools that nurture budding talents, every family member finds their perfect fit on the slopes. The resort’s warm and welcoming environment extends beyond skiing, with activities for all ages, ensuring memorable bonding moments. Cozy lodgings, child-friendly facilities, and a festive après-ski scene create a harmonious experience where families can revel in shared adventures and create lasting memories in the midst of snow-covered splendor.

Adventure Beyond Skiing

adventure beyond skiing

Wanlong Ski Resort is a gateway to boundless winter adventures that extend beyond skiing. Embrace the thrill of snowboarding down challenging slopes, traverse scenic trails on snowshoes, or embark on exhilarating snowmobiling escapades through pristine landscapes. The resort’s diverse offerings cater to those seeking more than just skiing, adding an extra layer of excitement to the winter experience. Whether it’s exploring snow-covered forests, conquering freestyle elements in terrain parks, or discovering the beauty of the outdoors in unique ways, Wanlong ensures that adventure enthusiasts find a plethora of opportunities to ignite their passion and create unforgettable moments.

Festive Atmosphere

festive atomosphere in wanlong ski resort

Wanlong Ski Resort radiates a festive ambiance that elevates winter joy to new heights. Throughout the season, the resort comes alive with a vibrant celebration of the snowscape. From captivating winter festivals to exhilarating competitions, the atmosphere is electric with excitement. Guests can immerse themselves in lively après-ski gatherings, where laughter and camaraderie fill the air. Colorful lights, music, and cultural events create a dynamic backdrop against the stunning snow-covered setting. Wanlong’s festive spirit invites all to revel in the magic of winter, forging unforgettable memories amidst a backdrop of glistening slopes and a warm sense of togetherness.

Vlog about Wanlong Ski Resort

Useful Tips Summarized from Reviews

Skiing Trails:

  1. Beginner Trails:
    • “Chulong” is known for its accurately named long and gentle slope. It may not be very friendly for snowboarders, and you might see some skiers walking due to the gentle slope.
  2. Intermediate Trails:
    • “Youlong” has a moderate slope with frequent turns. It may not be the smoothest choice for those who are not confident in their turning skills.
    • “Yulong” has a suitable slope, wide and gentle, but it tends to be crowded. “Wucailong” is narrower, often in shadow, and could be an option for those who prefer less crowded slopes.
  3. Advanced Trails:
    • After getting off the cable car, if the left side is too crowded, you can head to the right to the western area. The snow quality is excellent here, and it’s a favorite for many advanced skiers, especially those on snowboards.


  • Wanlong is praised for its culinary offerings. The fourth-floor cafeteria at Julong Palace is referred to as a food paradise, offering a wide variety of snacks at slightly high prices but with generous portions.
  • In the evening, you can try the buffet at Longgong Hotel, providing restaurant-quality food even in a small ski resort.

Accommodation: Wanlong Ski Resort has four hotels:

  1. Longgong Hotel:
    • Most convenient, ski-in, and ski-out, rooms with panoramic views of the ski resort, well-equipped facilities, slightly higher prices, and it features hot springs.
  2. International Apartments:
    • Rooms with cooking facilities, one bedroom and one living room, accessible to the ski slopes via a corridor.
  3. Children’s Apartments:
    • Dreamy rooms for kids, themed children’s rooms, spacious rooms with an area of 70㎡, and accessible to the ski slopes via a corridor.
  4. Shuanglong Hotel:
    • Offers excellent value for money, rooms renovated in 2023, improved experience compared to before, accessible to the ski slopes via a corridor, and features hot springs.

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