Where is the Temple of Heaven located

where is the temple of heaven located

The Temple of Heaven is located in the southeast of Beijing, within the second ring, between subway lines 5 and 8, and about 3 kilometers to the south of Tiananmen Square. The address is 1 Tiantan East Road, Dong Cheng District, Beijing. The postcode is 100061.

To its west is Tianqiao, a place like Broadway in New York. In the past, many magicians, artists, and acrobats would perform on the street to make a living. Now, it is still a cluster of theatres and entertainment venues. If you are interested in Chinese art and performances, you will have a memorable night there.

To its north is Qianmen Street, a famous pedestrian street for local foods and traditional Chinese items, like delicate chopsticks and face masks in Chinese opera. To its south and east are residential areas. 

There are bus stops at four gates and many bus routes passing by. You can find the optimal route to get there through Apps like Baidu Map or Google Maps. The subway station to its east gate is called Tiantan Dongmen on line 5, while the one to its west gate is called Tianqiao on line 8.

There are parking lots near the north gate, east gate, and south gate of the Temple of Heaven. In most cases, they are pretty empty.

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