Wu Dang Mountain Tai Chi

Wu Dang Mountain Tai Chi

Wudang Mountain is revered as the birthplace of Tai Chi and considered the cradle of Tai Chi by many. Founded by the legendary master Zhang Sanfeng, Wudang Tai Chi has evolved from the original thirteen forms over the centuries,, refined and enhanced by successive generations of practitioners, resulting in various styles and routines. Despite their differences, these routines share consistent principles and theories of health preservation.

Wudang Tai Chi is a sophisticated martial art that integrates physical fitness and self-cultivation. Its martial characteristics are distinct, emphasizing stillness within movement, softness overcoming hardness, and the ability to deflect a force with minimal effort. Its movements flow seamlessly like clouds and water, embodying a harmonious blend of firmness and flexibility, strength concealed within gentleness. Practitioners focus on twisting the body around the central axis, as if riding a tiger, with knees slightly bent and energy sinking to the lower abdomen. This form of Tai Chi not only unlocks hidden potential, enhances wisdom, invigorates the spirit, and strengthens the body but also provides unique health benefits, promoting wellness and longevity. Hence, it is hailed as a treasure of Chinese martial arts and the essence of Eastern culture.

Wudang Tai Chi is not merely a set of Tai Chi routines but a comprehensive system of cultivation comprised of the Three Levels: Tai Chi, Yin and Yang, and Wuji. It emphasizes the progression from external to internal, from movement to stillness, from basic to advanced, stressing the integration of action and stillness, internal and external cultivation. This method of practice ensures remarkable effects in health preservation and physical fitness.

In essence, Wudang Tai Chi is a martial art with profound cultural heritage and a distinctive style that incorporates Daoist philosophy, emphasizing Qi cultivation and self-cultivation. It is not only a profound martial skill but also an effective method of health preservation. For those who love martial arts and pursue a healthy lifestyle, Wudang Tai Chi is undoubtedly an enticing choice.

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