Xiangtang Water Town, Handan – Ticket Price, Opening Hours, Transportation, and Highlights

xiangtang water town

Nestled at the foot of Xiangtang Mountain and the source of the Fuyang River, in the Fengfeng Mining District of Handan City, Hebei Province, lies a hidden treasure known as Xiangtang Water Town (响堂水镇). This picturesque town is a harmonious blend of “Water Street,” “Ancient Street,” and “Food Street,” forming the very essence of its culture. Xiangtang Water Town can be divided into four distinct areas: the Scenic Area for tourists, the Dining and Leisure Area, the Cultural and Artistic Zone, and the Merchant’s Workshop Area, each offering its own unique charm and attractions.

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Basic Information

Estimated Length of TourHalf a day
Ticket PriceFree
Opening Hours8.30 – 21.00

Location and Transportation

Xiangtang Water Town is located in the Donghe Village of the Fengfeng Mining District in Handan City, Hebei Province, China. It is nestled at the foot of Xiangtang Mountain and covers an area of 500 mu (approximately 33 hectares). There are two primary routes to reach Xiangtang Water Town:

  • Route 1:
    • Start your journey at Handan Railway Station.
    • Take bus 805 to reach Fengfeng Passenger Bus Station (峰峰客车站).
    • From Fengfeng Passenger Bus Station, board bus route 2 (2路).
    • Alight at Donghe Village (东和村).
    • From Donghe Village, it’s a short 800-meter walk to reach Xiangtang Water Town.
  • Route 2:
    • If you are arriving by high-speed train, begin your journey at Handan High-Speed Railway Station.
    • Take bus route 5 (5路支) from the high-speed railway station.
    • Arrive at Fengfeng Passenger Bus Station (峰峰客车站).
    • Transfer to bus route 2 (2路) at Fengfeng Passenger Bus Station.
    • Disembark at Donghe Village (东和村).
    • From Donghe Village, you will need to walk approximately 800 meters to reach Xiangtang Water Town.

Highlights of Xiangtang Water Town

Nine Harmonies Pagoda

One of the standout landmarks in this town is the Nine Harmonies Pagoda, or “九和塔” (Jiǔ Hé Tǎ) in Chinese. This majestic pagoda, rising gracefully from the ground, is a representation of nine different harmonies: Harmony of Sight, Harmony of Discipline, Harmony of Body, Harmony of Speech, Harmony of Thought, Harmony of Benefit, Harmony of People, Harmony of Earth, and Harmony of Heaven. Climbing to the highest level of the pagoda symbolizes reaching the state of “Harmony of Heaven,” which is considered the highest pursuit in life and society. The interior walls of the Nine Harmonies Pagoda are adorned with exquisite murals that beautifully depict the symbolism of these nine harmonies.

Jade Emperor Pavilion

Another iconic structure in Xiangtang Water Town is the Jade Emperor Pavilion, known as “玉皇阁” (Yù Huáng Gé) in Chinese. This pavilion, originally constructed during the Ming Dynasty (1573-1620), stands as a symbol of the town’s rich history. In 2002, local villagers from Donghe Village took it upon themselves to raise funds and act as volunteers to restore the Jade Emperor Pavilion. Using historical references and the memories of the elderly, they painstakingly recreated the pavilion, preserving its original appearance while breathing new life into it.

Fuyang River Wetland Park

The Fuyang River Wetland Park, centered around the Nine Harmonies Pagoda, enhances the traditional park experience by incorporating wetland restoration, green vegetation, and water conservation measures. This innovative approach seamlessly integrates the wetland with the town’s scenic beauty, creating a harmonious ecosystem.

Merchant’s Workshop Street

A visit to Xiangtang Water Town would be incomplete without exploring the Merchant’s Workshop Street. Anchored by the historic Jade Emperor Pavilion, this area features houses along the riverbanks that have been transformed into quaint commercial workshops reminiscent of ancient times. It authentically recreates the atmosphere of bustling trading streets from the Qing Dynasty, offering a unique shopping experience. The Food Street, located here, is a culinary delight that brings together flavors from all over China, including local delicacies from Fengfeng, as well as dishes from Shaanxi, Yunnan, Sichuan, Henan, and more.

Video about Xiangtang Water Town

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