Xiaolangdi Dam Scenic Area – Ticket, Opening Hours, Location, and Highlights

xiaolangdi dam scenic area

Xiaolangdi Dam (小浪底大坝), on the southern bank of the Yellow River, is a pivotal engineering marvel for the management and development of the Yellow River. Comprising four main scenic areas akin to four pearls adorning the river – Xixia Lake, Dam Wetland Park, Zhangling Peninsula Resort, and the Yellow River Three Gorges – Xiaolangdi epitomizes the scenic beauty and functional importance nestled along the Yellow River.

The Xiaolangdi Water Control Project, initiated in 1997 with the diversion of the river, reached completion by the end of 2001. Located approximately 30 kilometers southwest of Jiyuan City, Henan Province, along the mainstream of the Yellow River, Xiaolangdi lies 130 kilometers upstream from the Sanmenxia Reservoir and 115 kilometers downstream from the Huayuankou in Zhengzhou. It stands as the sole significant control project downstream of Sanmenxia capable of holding substantial reservoir capacity, playing a crucial role in the regulation and utilization of Yellow River water resources.

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Basic Information

Estimated Length of TourHalf a day
Ticket Price40 RMB
Opening Hours8.00 – 18.00; Last admission: 17.30
Telephone Number0086-0379-64953190

Location and Transportation

The Xiaolangdi Dam Scenic Area is located at the exit of the last section of the Yellow River canyon in the middle reaches. On the southern bank lies Xiaolangdi Village, Mengjin County, Luoyang, while on the northern bank is Liowu Village, Jiyuan City. It is situated approximately 17 kilometers south of the central urban area of Luoyang City, Henan Province, and 21 kilometers north of Jiyuan.

To reach the Xiaolangdi Reservoir Scenic Area, visitors can take a bus from Luoyang Bus Station. Buses depart every 15 minutes and the journey takes approximately 45 minutes.

Highlights of Xiaolangdi Dam Scenic Area

Xiaolangdi Reservoir

xianglangdi reservoir

The Xiaolangdi Reservoir, nestled within the Yellow River canyon, meandering through the Zhongtiao Mountains and Wangwu Mountains, stretches 130 kilometers in length with a total area of 272 square kilometers. After the diversion of the Yellow River by the Xiaolangdi Dam, the picturesque scenery of the Jin-Yu Yellow River Canyon and the Xiaolangdi Reservoir, with its Xixia Lake, Dam Wetland Park, Zhangling Peninsula Resort, Yellow River Three Gorges, and over 20 other scenic spots, along with the magnificent dam, create a harmonious blend of natural beauty and hydraulic engineering. This convergence results in a mesmerizing natural landscape of shimmering lakes and scattered islands, turning the Xiaolangdi Reservoir into a large-scale tourist destination that combines natural scenery and water conservancy projects.

The reservoir’s numerous peninsulas, solitary islands, and jagged peaks create a natural landscape with winding river bends and vast expanses of water. Embarking from the dock, navigating through the waves, and exploring the high gorges and calm lakes, visitors can admire the scenic beauty along the riverside, fully experiencing the charm of the mother river.

Yellow River Three Gorges

yellow river three gorges in xiaolagndi dam scenic area

The Yellow River Three Gorges, born from the Xiaolangdi Reservoir and Wangwu Mountains, is the essence of the region. Located 20 kilometers upstream from the Xiaolangdi Dam, covering a total area of 40 square kilometers, the Eight-Mile Alley is situated at the narrowest part of the Yellow River in the middle and lower reaches, with steep cliffs on both sides and rushing water in the middle. The three gorges each have their unique characteristics: Solitary Mountain Gorge showcases spectacular natural formations with sheer cliffs; Dragon and Phoenix Gorge winds like a dragon and a snake, with twists and turns; and Dayu Gorge unfolds in a broad and varied panorama. Particularly noteworthy is the Nine-Degree Lotus Flower Path, consisting of nine ascending levels resembling blooming lotus flowers. Additionally, there are numerous cultural landmarks such as the ancient Sui and Tang Dynasty plank roads and Chen Xie’s army crossing of the Yellow River, totaling over 60 natural and cultural attractions. This landscape is a rare gem in northern China, comparable to the renowned Three Gorges of the Yangtze River.

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