Yunwu Mountain, Wuhan – Ticket Price, Opening Hours, Transportation, and highlights

yunwu mountain wuhan

Nestled in the heart of Hubei Province, within the Huangpi District of Wuhan, lies the captivating Yunwu Mountain (云雾山), a picturesque landscape covering an expansive 25 square kilometers. With its main peak standing at an elevation of 709 meters, Yunwu Mountain proudly claims the title of Wuhan’s tallest peak. This remarkable mountain stands as the transitional zone between the majestic Dabie Mountain range and the vast Jianghan Plain, boasting a lush forest coverage of over 95%. It is a sanctuary of pristine natural beauty, offering a symphony of mountain peaks, valleys, waterfalls, springs, vibrant flowers, serene temples, and ancient architecture. Yunwu Mountain’s diverse and abundant landscapes create a thriving ecological wonderland.

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Basic Information

Estimated Length of Tour1 day
Ticket PriceAdmission: 80 RMB
Admission + Sightseeting bus + Cable Car (Round): 120 RMB
Opening Hours8.00 – 17.00; Last admission: 16.00
Telephone Number0086-027-61661366

Location and Transportation

Yunwu Mountain is located in the northwestern part of Huangpi District in Wuhan, Hubei Province. It is situated within the boundaries of Paotongdian, approximately 65 kilometers from the city center of Wuhan and 29 kilometers from the center of Huangpi.

To reach Yunwu Mountain, you can take public buses from various directions within Wuhan to the Huangpi New Bus Terminal(黄陂新客运站). From there, you can catch the Mulan Mountain Tourist Special Bus (木兰山旅游专线车) to reach your destination.

Highlights of Yunwu Mountain

Lifelike Wax Museum

lifelike wax museum in yunwu mountain wuhan

The Yunwu Mountain Wax Museum is a cultural treasure trove dedicated to Mulan, the legendary figure of Chinese folklore. This interactive wax museum seamlessly weaves together lifelike wax sculptures of renowned historical characters and engaging entertainment elements. The museum showcases key scenes from Mulan’s story, depicting her dedication to martial arts, her courageous decision to join the army in her father’s place, and her triumphant return to her hometown. Its primary mission is to honor and perpetuate the virtues of loyalty, filial piety, courage, and integrity embodied by the character of Mulan.

Zhu Lin Temple (Bamboom Forest Temple)

zhulin temple in yunwu mountain wuhan

Nestled in a secluded valley beneath the western foothills of Yunwu Mountain, Zhu Lin Temple stands as a magnificent testament to ancient Chinese architecture. The temple’s layout harmoniously follows the contours of the mountain, featuring grand halls and towering pavilions. Legend has it that the temple’s origins date back to the Ming Dynasty, and it flourished during the Qing Dynasty before facing a period of decline in the early years of the Republic of China. Even in the Tang Dynasty, a temple graced this location, but it was destroyed during the upheavals of the Five Dynasties. In the Ming Dynasty, Monk Nengji initiated the construction of the present-day Zhu Lin Temple on the site of the original small temple. The temple complex exudes historical significance and colorful artifacts, while the surrounding area is enveloped in a unique bamboo fores.

Hua Yu Mountain (Flower Mountain)

flower mountain in yunwu mountain wuhan

Yunwu Mountain is celebrated as a haven for the enchanting wild azaleas of China. Every spring and summer, the hills of Yunwu Mountain burst into a magnificent display of red and white azalea blossoms, painting the landscape with vibrant splendor. This breathtaking scene resembles a colorful ribbon dancing amid the lush green valleys, making it a true gem of Central China. The spectacle of blooming azaleas is a sight to behold, capturing the hearts of all who witness it.

Stream Valleys

stream valleys in yunwu mountain wuhan

The stream valleys of Yunwu Mountain stretch for approximately 4 kilometers, offering a mesmerizing display of nature’s grandeur. Waterfalls cascade with thunderous roars, and the valley’s slopes are adorned with a dense cover of willows and moss-covered rocks. The winding creek at the valley floor meanders gracefully through the landscape, while the banks of the stream are adorned with swaying water grasses. The valley’s towering cliffs and exquisite rock formations appear as if sculpted by otherworldly hands, creating a massive living masterpiece. The abundance of willows and trees overhead gives the valley its nickname, the “Green Willow Corridor.” As you venture deeper into the dense willow forest, you’ll be captivated by the enchanting sights of peculiar stones, ancient vines, and the melodious sounds of the flowing stream, offering a magical and ever-changing experience reminiscent of a fairytale forest.

Bai Lu Lin (White Egret Forest)

White Egret Forest in yunwu mountain wuhan

Located approximately two kilometers northeast of the main entrance to Yunwu Mountain, the Bai Lu Lin, or White Egret Forest, spans several thousand acres, enveloping the entire mountainside in lush greenery. From April to September each year, this area becomes a mesmerizing congregation point for thousands of white egrets. Year after year, the number of these magnificent birds has been steadily increasing. Local villagers recall that during the spring and autumn seasons, the skies are darkened by the flight of egrets, while in the evening, they return to roost in the dense forest. The entire forest is blanketed in a sea of white, with the egrets’ presence creating a breathtaking and unforgettable spectacle. This annual gathering of white egrets has become a unique and awe-inspiring feature of Yunwu Mountain.

Vlog about Yunwu Mountain

Useful Tips Summarized from Reviews

Transportation Options: Consider purchasing a ticket for the sightseeing car, priced at 50 yuan per person. This ticket allows for up to 10 transfers. The mountainous terrain makes walking quite challenging, with a two-hour climb to the top. If you have elderly individuals or children in your group, it’s highly recommended to use the sightseeing car for convenience.

Hiking Guidelines: If you choose to hike, ensure you carry an ample supply of water and some bread or snacks, as there are no dining options nearby. Also, it’s advisable not to venture alone, as the mountain paths can be steep and accidents should be avoided.

Exploring Beyond Yunwu Mountain: Apart from Yunwu Mountain itself, there’s a significant area surrounding it that offers various experiences. You’ll find camping grounds, car campsites, Mongolian yurts, and small grasslands. Exploring this wider area can enhance your short-distance travel experience.

Entertainment Activities: Yunwu Mountain offers a range of recreational activities:

  • Jungle Glass Drift: Enjoy a thrilling 1200m-long slide through the forested landscape.
  • Wuhan Summit: Reach an altitude of 709 meters and enjoy panoramic views through a transparent bridge.
  • 6D Glass Skywalk: Walk along a 260m-long transparent walkway with 6D special effects, providing both excitement and romance.
  • Dinosaur Valley: Step into a lifelike dinosaur-themed park and experience a journey back to millions of years ago.

Azalea Season: From March 26th to April 15th, you can witness the breathtaking sight of azaleas covering the mountainside.

Attractions near Yunwu Mountain

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