Zhang Fei – the sworn brother of Liu Bei and Guan Yu

zhang fei

Zhang Fei (张飞) was a Chinese military general who lived during the late Eastern Han dynasty and the Three Kingdoms period. He was a key ally of Liu Bei, who later founded the Shu Han kingdom during the Three Kingdoms period. Zhang Fei is known for his bravery, loyalty, and fierce temper, and he played a vital role in the success of Liu Bei’s army.

Zhang Fei was born in Zhuo County, present-day Zhuozhou, Hebei province, China, in the second century AD. He grew up in a family of warriors, and his father was a county magistrate who had a reputation for being a strict and fair administrator. As a young man, Zhang Fei was known for his strength and his ability to drink large quantities of alcohol.

In 184 AD, Zhang Fei joined Liu Bei’s army, along with his close friend and sworn brother Guan Yu. The three of them became known as the “Three Brothers of the Peach Garden” because they swore an oath of brotherhood under a peach tree. Zhang Fei was initially a minor officer in Liu Bei’s army, but he quickly rose through the ranks due to his bravery and military acumen.

One of Zhang Fei’s most famous achievements was his defense of the city of Changsha against the forces of the warlord Sun Jian. In 192 AD, Sun Jian launched an attack on Changsha, which was held by Liu Biao, one of Liu Bei’s rivals. Zhang Fei was put in charge of the defense of the city, and he managed to repel Sun Jian’s forces despite being outnumbered. This victory was a significant milestone for Liu Bei’s army and helped establish him as a major power in the region.

Another notable achievement of Zhang Fei was his victory over the warlord Yan Yan at the Battle of Jiameng Pass. Yan Yan had been harassing Liu Bei’s forces for some time, and Zhang Fei was dispatched to put an end to his raids. Zhang Fei led a small force of soldiers through the narrow and treacherous pass and managed to ambush Yan Yan’s army, inflicting a significant defeat on them.

Despite his many military successes, Zhang Fei was known for his fierce temper and impulsive behavior. He was quick to anger and often resorted to violence to resolve conflicts. His temper led to several disputes with his fellow officers, including Guan Yu, and even with Liu Bei himself. However, despite these conflicts, Zhang Fei remained fiercely loyal to Liu Bei and was always ready to put his life on the line for his sworn brother.

In 221 AD, Zhang Fei was assassinated by his own subordinates, who were unhappy with his harsh disciplinary measures. His death was a significant blow to Liu Bei’s army, and he was deeply mourned by his fellow officers and soldiers. Liu Bei honored Zhang Fei’s memory by posthumously granting him the title of “General Who Guards the East,” and he was revered as a hero of the Shu Han kingdom.

Today, Zhang Fei is still celebrated in Chinese culture as a symbol of loyalty, bravery, and martial prowess. He is often depicted as a fearsome warrior wielding a long spear, and his image can be found in many temples and shrines throughout China. Zhang Fei is also a popular figure in Chinese literature, art, and entertainment and has been portrayed in numerous films, TV dramas, and video games.

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